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Which curtain fabrics should I choose in a warm country?

Living in a warm country brings a lot of benefits. However, the hot climate can also make your house feel hot. During this season, the sunlight may directly pass through your windows and doors, bringing in a lot of heat inside your home.

There are several ways on how you can handle the heat inside your house. Deciding on what type of curtain fabrics to use is a great way to keep your room cool.

There are various fabrics to choose from. Having said this, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop came up with this list to guide you in deciding what curtain fabrics are suitable if you are living in a warm country.

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Curtain fabrics to use in a warm country

Using the right type of fabric for curtains is an efficient way to manage the light, temperature, and style of the room.

1. Linen

Linen is considered as one of the best curtain fabrics to use in hot weather conditions. It is lightweight and breathable. This natural material can also make the room look huge and spacious. This curtain comes in lovely colours such as white, cream, brown, and grey which add a certain look to your home.

2. Cotton

Aside from being available everywhere, cotton is also great for the warm climate. It is heat resistant and easy to maintain. You do not have to worry about opening your windows to let the wind flow in your house as the cotton is designed to allow a gentle breeze. This fabric is also available in a wide range of colours and patterns.

3. Blackout curtain

The blackout curtain reduces the amount of sunlight and UV rays that pass through the room. Aside from this, it protects the floor and other furniture from sun damage.

Blackout curtain is a must if you are living in a warm country. This curtain filters the sunlight that enters your house and keeps the temperature cool. It is better to use blackout curtains in rooms that get the most sunlight and in spaces that you want to keep dark.

Another reason why you should use blackout curtains is it can block certain amounts of noise. It is an advantage for those working at home in the daytime. If you work overnight shifts, using this curtain may help you in sleeping during the day.

Now that you know the different curtain fabrics to choose from, let us now discuss some of the other factors you must also consider.

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1. Colour

If you are living in a warm country, it is best to pick lighter colours for your curtains. As you all know, light colours reflect heat while dark shades absorb it. Choose a white shade on the side which faces the sun and a dark one on the opposite side. Pastel colours are the best choice if you prefer to brighten up your room.

2. Length

The length of the curtains is also an important factor especially if you want to shut out the sun. Try to hang your curtains six inches above the window frame then add extra four inches on both sides. These additional inches around the window frame will block any creeping sunlight.

Here at Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we have lots of curtain fabrics that can surely suit your homes. Do you want to have the perfect fabric? Come visit our store and website and be amazed by our wide range of choices!


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