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Practical & Stylish Curtain Fabric For Your Home

We all know that curtains are an integral part of any property because they keep the room warm, block out light and create a nicer environment for sleeping. However, curtains are more than a practical addition to a property; they're also a style statement.

If you're looking for beautiful curtain fabrics in various styles and materials, you're in the right place. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop supplies stunning curtains for our clients at great prices.

From blackout curtains that help you sleep at night to thermal curtains that retain the heat in your home, Yorkshire Fabric Shop has a diverse selection of made-to-measure curtains that will suit any interior.

Our high-quality curtains are available in many colours, including grey, teal, pink, blue and every other shade to match your existing décor.

We also offer a choice of sumptuous fabrics such as boucle, chenille, corduroy, cotton, suede, velvet and weaves to give you the ultimate textural selection for your curtains.

Look at our various styles and patterns, choose a range of fabric treatments and pair your ideal curtains with matching accessories today.

Choose curtain fabrics in a range of materials

The material is one of the most critical elements of your curtains because it defines how useful they are in your home.

For example, summer curtain fabric should be cool and block light, while winter fabric should be able to trap the cold air and prevent it from coming through.

Our extensive range of curtain fabrics comes in an assortment of materials, so you can find one that matches your needs.

Chenille curtain fabric

Chenille curtains are renowned for their thick, fuzzy fabric, which usually comes from wool or cotton. The long nap gives the curtains a luxurious feel, and chenille is highly popular for living rooms and bedrooms.

Our chenille curtains are available in a variety of colours and patterns. Most importantly, the fabrics are exceptional and will serve as focal points in any room.

Shop Chenille

Cotton curtains

Cotton curtains are popular because they're durable, easy to care for, and provide good light filtration. It's also an easy fabric to work with - especially if you want to make your own curtains.

Lighter forms of cotton are ideal for the summer months, but you can also find thicker flush fabrics that block out more light and offer warmth in the room.

We stock a selection of beautiful cotton curtain fabrics, including minimalist tones that suit contemporary décor and some more traditional versions.

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Velvet curtain fabric

Nothing says luxury like velvet, does it? It immediately creates an impression, and royal families have used it for centuries. When it comes to lavish designs, velvet always ignites inspiration, and it's a perfect fabric for curtains too.

The fabric combines cotton, silk and other fibres to create a short pile, which gives velvet its supremely soft feel.

Our velvet curtain fabric is available in various colours, including muted tones of red, green and blue, or you can opt for patterned designs to add vibrancy to your home.

Shop Velvet

Boucle fabric

Boucle is one of the more unique fabrics, featuring loops usually made from natural fibres such as cotton and wool. Boucle will consistently deliver if you're a fan of rustic looks, as its casual appearance is ideal for country-style interiors.

However, some forms of boucle can also find their place in more contemporary buildings - especially if you opt for a neutral tone like blue, grey or black.

Shop Boucle

Our collection of upholstery fabrics is suitable for all style preferences

We know how vital soft furnishings are because they turn a basic property into a home. Even the smallest things, such as cushions or throws, make a difference - and we all understand that curtains are so much more than a practical addition to your room.

Our designers search high and low for unique patterns and textures that will serve as a focal point for any room and inject personality into your home.

Whether you prefer deep tones of red and blue or enjoy minimalistic shades like browns, blues and greys that enhance contemporary décor, you won't be disappointed with our curtains.

We also offer a huge selection of patterns, including:

  • Stripes

  • Floral designs

  • Damask

  • Geometric pattern

  • Animals

  • Paisley

Patterned fabrics also serve as ideal window dressings, which offer privacy and can be elaborate designs. For example, you can create a tapestry design, which will emphasise your curtains and make the room look sophisticated and luxurious.

There are many benefits when you shop with us

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop is one of the most reputable fabric providers in the UK, providing high-quality cloth for designers and people who love putting their stamp on their homes.

We began our journey many years ago in the heart of West Yorkshire's fabric industry and have been around ever since.

We go out of our way to fill our warehouse with the best upholstery fabric

We source curtain fabric from far and wide, ensuring each customer has plenty of beautiful materials and patterns to choose between. From staple items such as linen to luxury velvets, our team travels the world, picking up new materials.

You can rest assured that everything on our website is of the best quality, and that's something we refuse to compromise on.

Make your own curtains with zero hassle

Our curtain fabric is easy to buy, as you can purchase it by the metre, spending only what you need. Whether you're planning a straightforward project or renovating your property, you'll be able to sample all of our curtains.

We offer low-cost samples, so you can see how well these curtains will insulate your property and protect your budget.

Unparalleled customer service

We want you to discover how easy it is to shop with us, and we go out of our way to make purchasing curtain fabric an enjoyable experience. All you need to do is browse through our website and look at the many brands we offer.

From your first order onwards, you'll receive support from our friendly team and can use the website filters to look for bold designs or a particular theme.

Choose your curtain fabric today

With so many fabric choices available, you can make traditional curtains, Roman blinds or anything else that will provide warmth, a good night's sleep and endless style. If you'd like some support, please feel free to contact our team.

Otherwise, browse through our fabrics and choose samples before creating an order.




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