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Where to place Roman shades?

Windows play a huge role in your houses. It’s hard to imagine a home without windows. Light and ventilation are some of the advantages that windows give.

To experience the full benefits of windows, you can put curtains or blinds. These window coverings offer design and privacy. A bare window may look dull; that’s why putting window treatments is essential.

Roman shades have been used in houses for several years. They offer vibrance, style, and comfort. Given their wide variety of colours, Roman blinds are versatile. They can make any room livelier and more comfortable. Regardless of the décor of your room, roman shades can look good and blend well.

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Roman blinds are also easy to maintain. With this, these window treatments are worth your time and money.

If you’re wondering where you should put your roman blinds, this article will provide suggestions.

Where to Put Roman Shades?
As mentioned before, Roman blinds are versatile. This means you can use them in any room you want. Roman blinds can offer more advantages than Venetian, curtains, rollers, or verticals.

Roman blinds suit best in living rooms, study rooms, and bedrooms. Using different fabrics for every room is a good idea since rooms receive varying degrees of light and noise. They also give a neat look to offices and meeting rooms.

However, Roman blinds with traditional fabrics don’t work well in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens. They do work well in a living room, read our blog about Curtains or Roman blinds in the living room? Blinds placed in the kitchen are more likely to absorb grease and oil, causing them to be filled with dust. With this, you have to choose the fabric wisely. Make sure that your fabric can withstand moulds and dust.

For humid rooms, you can use cotton blend and polyester or 100% cotton. These fabrics are easy to maintain and can be cleaned regularly. It’s essential to clean the roman shades in your kitchen frequently for them to last longer.

Even though Roman blinds are being used for quite some time now, they never go out of style.

Now that you know the right places to put Roman blinds let us now discuss some of the benefits of these window treatments.

What are the Advantages of Roman Blinds?
1. Affordable
If you’re looking for a cheaper window treatment, Roman blinds are great options. Roman blinds use less fabric than curtains which makes them more affordable.

2. Light Control
The pleated style of Roman blinds enables you to allow or block light. Aside from this, Roman blinds give privacy.

3. Fit in Small Windows
Curtains can make small windows looked overwhelmed. Having said this, Roman blinds don’t take up space on both sides of the window, making them an ideal choice if you have small windows.

4. Easy to Use
The cords in Roman blinds enable you to put them up or down. The latest versions have motors, allowing you to adjust the roman shades easily.

Roman blinds come in different styles and fabric. With this, it’s important to choose the proper materials for you to experience the benefit of these window coverings.

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