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Curtains or Roman blinds in the living room?

As the bonding and receiving area, living rooms are prone to people's meticulous eyes. That is why it's essential to make it both presentable and comfortable all the time. Among the interior decorations we consider, curtains or blinds are also part of this area's essential element. With various trends in these two, we find ourselves torn between them.

Choose Curtains Or Roman Blinds In Living Rooms

Which is better to use in the living room? Curtain experts from The Fabric Shop share some of the benefits we can experience in using any of these materials. 

Benefits in Roman Blinds

Less consumption of time and money.
When it comes to time and costing, blinds are the most cost and time-efficient. A professional blind installer can put the set-up of the window brackets and install the blinds in less than an hour. Both plastic and vinyl blinds are cheap, but the plastic ones are cheaper. 

More lighting control options.
You can use the slats on the blind in various ways. It can help you change the angle, which can affect how light enters the living room. Furthermore, some slatted designs can still pave the way some light to pass through. It can help you manage how much light you want to come inside the area. 

Easier to clean and maintain.
The hard and slippery surface of blinds makes it easier to clean and maintain. You can use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the dust from it. To sanitize and disinfect it, you can moisten a clean cloth with 25% vinegar and 75% water to wipe its slats. Afterwards, use a new cloth to dry. 

Lasts longer.
The synthetic components of Roman blinds make it resistant to discolouration, stain, and other issues that can affect its quality. Usually, blinds can last up to 15 years or more, especially if these are well taken care of. 

Benefits in Curtains 

Offers better soundproof and insulation features.
Because curtains do not have slats where natural heat can escape, curtains are proven to minimize heat loss by up to 30% compared to blinds 14%. Moreover, various curtain types offer better insulation and soundproofing qualities. One of the popular heat insulation curtains is the thermal curtain. 

Also, heavyweight curtains fabrics like velour and velvet can perform better in noise reduction because it lacks the slats that Roman blinds have. More designs to choose Another thing that you'll enjoy in curtains is its array of colours, designs, and styles that you can choose. 

These variations can fit every kind of interior designs and elements your home has. You can also have curtain materials that will match your preferred home mood and ambience. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers lots of curtain fabrics that you can freely choose through their physical store and website.

Curtains Or Roman Blinds In Rooms 

It also has support and guidance from their experts in the field. Choosing between Roman blinds and made to measure curtains can be overwhelming. But with The Yorkshire Fabric Shop, you can assure that they've got the best materials for your living room.


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