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What type of curtains to choose from living room

Curtains are very important to consider when decorating your home, especially if it’s for the living room. They make the place livelier and make the surrounding aesthetically and visually pleasing, which is important for the people living in your home or for your guests. 

Choosing the right curtain fabric for your living room may seem like a difficult task, especially if you still have no colour or fabric in mind. That's where Yorkshire Fabric Shop will come in hand with our wealth of experience.

Living Room Curtain Tips

If you’re still unsure about what curtain you should choose for your living room, here are a few suggestions on what you should consider when choosing the right curtain for your living room.

The colour of the curtain you are going to use is very crucial. You should choose the colour depending on the mood you want the people in the living room to possess. The colours around people have an impact on their moods and emotions. Warm colours such as red, yellow, and
orange emit optimism, energy and happiness while cool colours such as green, blue, and purple can express sadness but also give out a calming and soothing aura. If you want to use happy colours, bright colours such as pink, yellow and orange are a good fit. Yorkshire Fabric Shop prints of Freedom pattern fabrics are a good place to start. Look at these geometric velvet fabrics which would make the perfect curtains.

The heaviest curtain fabric is velvet as they help bock sounds and sunlight and is often used because they look elegant in living rooms. 

Linen fabric is lighter and gives out a casual look. Sheer fabric is the best to use if you want some light to pass through, but silk curtains have sheer quality too, and they give a more formal look in the living room. Cotton is the best fabric to use if you want a versatile curtain that’s easy to clean.

Curtain Styles
A cutting-edge design is suitable for a sleek and modern look. Embroidered curtain fabrics give out a touch of boho and are a good style to go for, especially if your living room is designed bohemian. Rustic patterned curtains provide a cosy look and feeling and are best paired with linen fabric. If you want to give out a romantic look, shabby style curtains are the best while paired with lace or soft blush curtains. 

A dramatic look is perfectly styled with scalloped valances and is the best curtain style to choose for a minimal look. Scarf curtains, on the other hand, provides an elegant look to the room and is the most versatile.

The best thing to do first is to create a plan and think of what mood and emotions you want the people in the living room to feel. Picking a curtain afterwards will be easy if you already have at least a colour, fabric, or style in mind. Always remember that a living room is best designed lively or calming, so choose a colour, style and fabric that can either boost people’s energy or make them feel calm and relaxed.

Choosing Curtain Fabric For A Living Room At Yorkshire Fabric Shop

You can buy your curtain fabrics at Yorkshire Fabric Shop or let us make your curtains for you with our made to measure service. We offer quality fabrics with quality craftsmanship when we produce your curtains; you've just to pick the fabric from our 1000's of selection.


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