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What fabric is the most comfortable for a living room chair?

The chairs in our living room are an essential part of both the living room and our home overall. They provide comfort as they can be used to relax in, and you have plenty of choice when it comes to picking out the type of chairs that are suitable for your living room. The choices range from sofas to individual accent chairs, you have the liberty to choose a type that both complements your home and brings you the comfort you need.

Chesterfield sofa upholstered in Yorkshire Fabric Shop CTR-560

When it comes to the fabrics the chairs are made of, you may find your choices reduced by the fact that the chairs many home depots offer are not customised to your specific needs. However, when you’re looking for a certain type of chair to be made out of a specific type of fabric, you can always go down the route of upholstery. Having your chairs upholstered means that they can be unique and customised to specifically fit your home. Much like curtains, you can change your chair covers in any way you like. When it comes to deciding which fabric you want your chairs to be made out of, here’s a list of options to help courtesy of the Yorkshire Fabric Shop.

Metteo Accent Arm Chair supplied by Yorkshire Fabric Shop


Velvet is a versatile fabric that has a thick and heavy weave and defines your chair structure well. It is mainly associated with deep colours and enticing designs, which gives an elegant and traditional look for your chairs. In a more practical sense, it also assists the covered cushions of your chair to provide you a smooth and matte texture. It is best paired with vintage French, Parsons, Chesterfield, and Barrel chairs.

Vincenzo Chair supplied in purple velvet by Yorkshire Fabric Shop


When you want to create a chair with textured covers, you can have it upholstered using chenille fabrics. Chenille provides a good texture to your chairs that is both soft and durable. Chenille fabrics are also extremely strong and good at hiding dirt as its pile is made of tiny loops. They are best paired with oversized, wingback, and chaise lounge chairs for your living room.

Faux Leather

If you have a cabin type of home with wooden interiors, you may want to upholster your chairs with faux leather. Leather is a classic sofa cover that provides you with a vintage-modern look and is easily maintained. Those looking for a cheaper and more ethical alternative to leather can always invest in faux leather, which is made from synthetic materials so it can retain the durability of real leather. This type of seat cover is best paired with long sofas, occasional, and club chairs to create a fashionable look to your living room.

Soriana, an accent chair upholstered in faux leather supplied by Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Cotton mixes

Fabric mixes of cotton and other synthetic fibres are both durable and soft. Cotton is also cheap and is readily available in fabric shops, so it’s easily accessible. Cotton is a fabric that also offers the most versatility given that it can be paired with any type of living room chair, so when it comes to upholstering your living room chairs you know that cotton is an instant choice. 

Where to find upholstery fabrics

Feel free to check out Yorkshire Fabric Shop's list of upholstery fabrics, which are always available so you can get your desired fabrics instantly. We aim to provide the best, which is why our fabrics are regularly subjected to a series of rub tests, meaning that they are both affordable and durable. Don’t hesitate to view our list now and start creating a unique, personalised chair for your living room.

Upholstery fabric supplied by Yorkshire Fabric Shop, Batley West Yorkshire 


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