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What colours are available for blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains are fabrics that most people want when it comes to enjoying a good night’s sleep. The thick layers of fabric make it best to give out the most privacy at home, while also looking sleek and elegant at the same time. From the root words "black" and "out", it obviously is a way to block out unnecessary and unwanted light. Given its popularity and unending innovations, blackout fabrics now come in different styles, designs, and even colours to satisfy every homeowner's curtain desires. 

In the earlier times, blackout fabrics were known to be of darker colours because thick layers partnered with darker shades were very efficient to block out light and sound. However, with the recent industry of curtain fabrics coming to rise, fabric mills and curtain producers are now venturing into a whole wide range of blackout fabric colours and are now offering lighter shades for those who want to bring out pastel and calming atmosphere for their window treatments.

From dark fabric colours to lighter ones, what shade can you buy for your blackout curtains?


Black Curtain Fabric


Black is the most common blackout fabric colour in blackout fabrics. Thick fabrics in black tend to block out 100% of sunlight in the day and street lights at night for anyone who doesn’t want to be bothered by light when sleeping, or even just watching your favourite TV show after a long week. Blackout fabrics in black are perfect for those who want a complete absorption of visible light. 

For those wanting to have the colours of the deep ocean, you can choose to buy blackout fabrics in deep or dark blue colour. Dark blue is very much close to black, which makes it also as efficient in blocking out light. Deep dark blue is now very sellable in the fabric market, as it also imparts elegance and intelligence. It's very good for home and office as well, making your room more sleek and formal for days. You might always want to pair it with your bedsheet colour or your couch; you'll be surprised how sophisticated your room would come out.

If you want to incorporate the colours of the ocean and the inner forests, you may want to consider buying blackout fabrics in dark green. The darker shade of green can bring out the natural vibe into your home, most especially if you have a room with wood furnishings in it. Dark green might somehow be underrated, however, it is just as good as the darker colours for you to try. Dark green is a restful colour that can also bring about a restful feeling, making your room look more calming and refined on most days. 

Grey would seem to be in the lighter shade of colour, but it's also a prominent shade in the wide array of blackout fabrics. Grey also brings out a formal and sophisticated look, bringing out a formal and sleek atmosphere to your office and homes. Blackout fabrics in grey are paired with texture, and they bring out a good taste for your home. If you don't want your office and homes to appear dark on the inside while preventing too much light from the outside, then curtains in grey might just be perfect for you.

A colour that is close to white and beige, blackout curtains in ivory might seem to be a bad recipe if you want to contain the light from the outside. Yet again, certain innovations now give room for ivory coloured fabrics in the curtain market, and they are now as efficient as any darker colours out there. Ivory blackout fabrics are thicker than the darker blackout fabrics, so they will not let light pass through inside. Ivory is a very relaxing colour, and tends to lean on softness and pureness.

Light blue achieves a bright and striking colour to your homes, while also preventing unnecessary light from coming in. Light blue often promotes a feeling of tranquility as it displays a gentle appearance to your homes. It is great for people who have interiors in pastel colours, and it perfectly matches to balance the colours in your homes. Maybe you are fond of the colours of the sky; then light blue might just fit your style.

Perhaps you did not expect it, but there are certain fabric stores that offer blackout fabrics in pink. It's pretty unusual to have the colour pink to be incorporated with blackout fabric, yet it is now provided for homeowners to achieve a feminine aura to their rooms. Pastel pink is often incorporated with affection and desire, so it is preferred by those people who want to achieve an atmosphere of positivity in their homes. 


If you opt to purchase blackout fabrics, make sure to check if it's a quality fabric. One way to make sure your fabrics can really block out light is to check for the number of layers that are usually found on its tags. 

Moreover, always do a colour check; meaning, it must always match with the colours of your wall or the design of your interiors. The last thing you want is an awkward-looking window treatment. How your pick the best curtain fabric speaks about your interior designing choices so better be meticulous about it.

Further, you might also want to try matching different colours for your curtains. You can try pairing 2 black curtains on each side, and a grey one in the centre. This is best for those who want more depth to their window treatments, than just having to drape a single colour. Mix and match for a more stylish look for your home.


Curtain Fabrics By Yorkshire Fabric Shop

The perfect blackout fabric must entirely block out light. Some people prefer it most because too much light can also affect furniture and wall colours, so they are pretty invested in blackout fabrics for interior protection. Though it might be a little more expensive than that of other types of curtains, blackout fabrics can be a great investment for your home. Much more the interior protection, blackout fabrics can also be soundproof as thick fabrics can block out sound through its layers; after all, it's called a blackout fabric.


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