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Top 5 fabrics for office chairs

It is important for our office chairs to be as breathable and comfortable as possible given that we sit on them all day. 

Most office chairs are cushioned to provide us with a soft seat rather than sitting on a hard surface every day. Having a cushioned chair makes us even more relaxed and provides a pleasant feeling when working. Office chairs can be made of leather or any type of fabric, depending on the liking of the one who sits on them. Yet, not all fabrics can provide the comfort as well as the practicality of durable fabrics available in the market. So it is best to know what must be used for your office chairs, as it is likely used almost every day.

The durability of your chairs should be considered with utmost importance when choosing the right one for your office. In having your office chairs, it must also be a priority to pick the best fabrics for them. Choosing the right fabrics can lengthen the lifespan of your chairs, as the covers also protect the cushion for a more protected chair.

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5 useful office chair fabrics


One of the best seat covers which everyone would prefer, leather seats are deemed the perfect option for those who want a durable and formal look to their offices. Chairs in leather are also breathable and do not hold heat that much. Leather is a sturdy material, and water-resistant for easier care to your office chairs. It is stain-resistant and prevents strong odours from accumulating outside and inside your chair cushions. Yet, some may not want it because it is expensive compared to other materials. However, you can always choose to buy faux leather as it is more budget-friendly while still providing the durability real leather can offer. If you find your office cold, leather seats are a better option as they can also be a seat-warmer for those who don't want too much cold.


Suffolk Vinyl Upholstery Material Slippery Wet Feel Tan Brown Colour Faux Leather


If you're into having office chairs that are more breathable than leather, then you might want to try fabrics like chenille to suit your comfort. Chenille is a variation of fabric that is woven together to provide you a tufted feel when sitting. It also has a great texture, making it look and feel cozy so you'll have an easy office chair. The texture of chenille is somehow rough, but it is highly durable and breathable to be used in offices. Much more, chenille is a great fabric that can hide spots and dirt while also being resistant to abrasion. The fabric provides a very comfortable texture that can also be soft and rough, but resistant to pilling and wrinkling, making it one of the best options most especially for everyday use.

If you are concerned about how chenille fits your office interiors, worry less; it works with any type of decor for a more flexible office chair cover!


If you want to try a fabric that can retain its colour for a long amount of time, then you might want to choose polyester fabrics. Polyester is very appealing to those who want to have great fabric for their office chairs. It is a strong fabric but also flexible so you'll have a more cushioned feel while sitting for long hours at work. Apart from this, polyester can also be self-sustaining; meaning it can prevent itself from wrinkling and shrinking even after long use. Moreover, the material used for polyester is mainly a mix of synthetic and natural fibres, providing you a fabric that is resistant to stains and fading. 

For those who are prone to allergic reactions due to fabrics, polyester is a great fabric find as it can prevent allergens like pollen and dust. In a practical sense, polyester fabrics are inexpensive as well so you'll be able to get your money's worth!


Fabrics in velvet are also a good fabric choice for your office chair upholstery. Velvet fabrics are soft and smooth in texture but bring out a strong cushion cover for your office chairs. It comes in a variety of colours and designs, so you'll be able to add a luxurious look for your office. Velvet can also be used to upholster small and large office chairs and tends to be flexible so you'll have a nice seat to sit on. The firm and thick weave of velvet fabrics are a great advantage that most people enjoy. You may not want it as it can shrink due to everyday use, but it can definitely go back to its flat and tact state after. It is also a fabric that can be resistant to pilling, which is why it is one of the top choices to upholster your office chairs. 

But be careful when choosing velvet fabrics, you might not want to get up from your chair as the texture and feel can be very addictive; you might sleep on it after being mentally drained from answering office queries!

Amalfi Patchwork Pattern Printed Velvet Pink Burgundy Red Colour Upholstery Fabric


A fabric that is also luxurious in appearance, acrylic is best to be used for office chairs. The crisp and soft texture of acrylic brings out a comfortable sitting any day in the office. The materials of acrylic are soil, oil, and sunlight resistant, which makes it a protective cover for a long-lasting office chair. Furthermore, because it is wool-like, it can be great for pleat retention and adheres to give you a strong office chair treatment. On a practical note, acrylic is excellent in preventing mildew and shrinkage, so you will not have to worry about having them in your office. Moreover, it has no pilling problem with low moisture absorbency and thus fast drying. 

The prominence of leather has been with our office chairs for a long time. Yet, recent upholstery and fabric innovations let you use other types of fabrics so you'll have a breathable feel and provide you with more comfort while doing your necessary work tasks. In choosing the fabrics for your office chairs, you can always choose to customise with a wide variety of upholstery fabric to help you have a more pleasant seat to rely on. 

Nowadays, you can personalise your office chairs through upholstery. The best thing about it is you get to customise your office chair designs so you'll have a more desirable chair treatment as well as a breathable solution to have you working at your best on the busiest days. If you have decided what upholstery fabric to have for your office, try scrolling throughout Yorkshire Fabric Shop's unending upholstery fabrics!



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