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Curtain ideas when you have small windows

We often think of curtains as something that hangs beautifully on our windows up to the floors. While this is the ideal set-up of these fabrics, curtains do not have to belong all the time. There are rooms and spaces in our homes that do not favour long curtains, like kitchens and bathrooms. 

Small Windows Tips

If you think that short curtains have to be plain and usual, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop believes the other way. As professionals in the world of curtain fabrics, there is still hope for short curtains, no matter how small they are. This blog post guides you, short curtain buyers, how to make unique ideas with those tiny windows you have. 

Ideas for Small Window Curtains 

Just like in other areas, deciding for small curtains also depend on what do you want from them. Regardless if you're going to retain privacy or allow a small portion of light from the outside, these are deciding factors on what we can do to these curtains. 

For The Yorkshire Fabric Shop, here are some particular types that you can consider: 

Café Curtains 
These small curtains are shorter than of the regular-sized curtains and are usually unlined. They are typically seen hanging on curtain rods and positioned halfway the window. These are perfect in kitchen areas because it still gives some privacy without hindering the light from coming through your windows. 

Voile Curtains
Like café curtains, voile curtains are also perfect in the kitchen and even in bedrooms because of the privacy it gives to these areas. These curtains are ideal options in curtain designs, especially in the areas that need more light control. One good thing about these curtains is that they can be made to measure. This means that you can freely choose how long or short it will be, making it perfect for small windows. 

Patterned Curtains 
Like the voile and café curtains, patterned curtains can also be made to measure, which can aid you in deciding the preferred shortness of the curtain. With its various patterns to choose from, this can also bring visual appeal to any decorations and other interior elements in the room. 

Curtain Alternatives in Small Windows

Along with various curtain choices for small windows, there are also other options that The Yorkshire Shop encourages to consider. 

Blinds can be perfect alternatives for smaller windows. And just like curtains, they too can be made to measure as to how short you want it for your windows. 

Roman Blinds 
Roman blinds are getting more popular in UK homes nowadays. Just like curtains, they can also be made to measure, which makes it more suitable even for small windows. With choices of styles and even fabrics, Roman blinds can offer more to whatever home interiors you have. Yorkshire Fabric Shop can also make your a bespoke Roman blind from many of our 1000's of fabrics, order your samples today.

Roller Blinds 
These are another excellent option for smaller types of windows. These are also easier to maintain and use, unlike other blinds and curtains. Roller blinds are again exceptional in the kitchen and bathroom, and even in bedrooms if you prefer to have smaller windows on it.

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