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Why would you want to upholster a door … or even a wall?

If you walk into a house and see what we’re about to tell you you’d be surprised … and perhaps a little shocked.

For how many homes do you go into where people have taken upholstery into another dimension by doing it to their doors and walls?

Some would think an upholstered door or an upholstered wall is wacky and way out but actually it’s been around for centuries. Think of all the tapestries on walls and doors when you visit some of the wonderful old stately homes owned by the National Trust.

The tapestries can be traced back to the Middle Ages while 18th Century nobility couldn’t get enough of their silk wall hangings and one of the main reasons was insulation to keep the cold out in large, draughty buildings.

These days upholstering walls and doors is more about style. Although covering walls with fabrics was traditionally a sign of wealth and sophistication you can now have that sophistication without having to worry about the wealth.

An upholstered wall using a material called Chester 80 from the Yorkshire Fabric Shop

For with 2,000 fabrics to choose from at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop you’re absolutely spoilt for choice to find a fabric that will turn your creative imagination into reality.

OK, we’re not suggesting anything quite so grand as recreating an ancient tapestry but several customers are now using our fabrics from across the world to take their crafty know-how beyond furniture, blinds, cushions and settees and right up the walls and doors.

It certainly gives it an eye-catching wow factor, but why would you want to upholster doors and walls?

Upholstered doors are a sign of luxury and comfort, giving their own ambience which is usually one of cosy relaxation. It would be an ideal way to finish off a snug or small reading room. You could even just upholster a couple of panels in the door with the same material you have on your chairs to give it an all-through feel.

They would also fit in brilliantly if you opted for an art deco furnishings look inspired by the 1920s and 30s.

Upholstering walls and doors is good for the acoustics if, say, you own a restaurant. You don’t want the hub of conversation bouncing off the bare walls and transforming it all into a din so you have trouble hearing your fellow diners. We know of one restaurant so noisy you could barely hear yourself think, but after renovating it with strategically-placed furnishings they transformed its atmosphere from cacophony to quiet.

Fabric on the walls absorbs the sound, stops echoes and naturally quietens conversations and footsteps, giving a feeling of intimacy and relaxation.

Would you believe this is an air ambulance fundraising shop with upholstered walls made out of material from the Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Upholstery also helps make businesses stand out from the rest. An upholstered door is a touch of quality indicating that this business takes its finishing touches to a whole new level … and that’s what often counts these days. It sets a tone, a style, an expectation.

In short, when it comes to fabrics and upholstery, the only limitation seems to be people’s imagination and there certainly appears to be no shortage of that among our customers.

So check out the Customer Creations section on our website to see the brilliant ways our customers have used fabric in ways you wouldn’t have thought possible.

To add to them please email your creations to us at or message us on Twitter @YorkFabricShop


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