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Why velvet fabrics will change your life

There are a lot of fabric products out in the market, but the question is which one is the best? The first thing we could think of when talking about fabrics is how comfortable it would be upon using it. There would be no other fabric products than velvet that would suit our needs, especially for home decor. Here are some of the best well-known facts about velvet fabrics that could change your life forever when it comes to your home décor needs.

Velvet itself is a type of woven, tufted fabric; this means it is composed of threads that were cut and distributed evenly. No one can deny that by just merely looking at it, you know that the fabric is so soft. This material also is best for you upholstery since it is very durable and robust, which is perfect for your upholstering needs; for your sofa, chairs, benches and headboards. All you upholstered furniture will have an elegant look to it. 

Why Velvet Fabric Will Change Your Life

If your concern is the durability of the material for your upholstery needs, velvet fabrics have changed over the years and have become more and more durable. Based on known facts, velvet fabrics can withstand over 200,000 rubs. It is an innovative material which looks luxurious looking fabrics yet easy to maintain.

Velvet material can be cleaned with modern dry cleaning methods. You can also use your vacuum cleaner regularly to preserve the fabric in its colours and shine over the years after. 

Some other materials show streaks and cracks over the years of usage, but you won’t be able to find that on velvet fabrics. You can also mix velvet with other upholstery materials as it is a universal product. 

Velvet fabrics also don’t lose threads and seemed impossible to tear. Due to its short pile height, your pet’s hair or dirt will stay above the material and can be cleaned and removed with a vacuum cleaner or some piece of cloth. Overall, it’s perfect for if you have pets in the house. 

Velvet fabric usage doesn’t end in just upholstering furniture but also has plenty of other applications. Another application for the material is curtains. Your curtains will be thick and soft with great textures to it. When incorporating velvet to your living room, there factors to consider though; one is that this type of materials absorbs natural light and artificial lightings as well.

Due to the velvet fabric’s complicated process, this type of materials is expensive to make before industrial power looms became available. There would be a lot of velvet fabric variants to choose from if the cost is your main concern though well-made velvets remain relatively costly.

To sum it up, imagine yourself seating on it your lounge chair upholstered with velvet fabrics, especially Yorkshire Fabric Shop's Venice velvet in Lipstick pink colour looking at your window how comfortable it would be? It would be pure relaxation just by thinking of it. 

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Velvet also has much more application for example; it might be upholstered to an office chair which would provide you with total comfortability when you are at work. Velvet fabric is considered timeless luxury feel and look. It is also in the current trend in home décor. 

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