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Why should I use grey fabric for my interior design project?

Grey is the most versatile of all the colours. No matter what look you would like to achieve there is a grey fabric for you. 

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Almost Black

Monochrome is a bold statement that isn’t for the faint hearted. The stark contrast between black and white is striking and can be a little too much. A great way to achieve a softer version of the monochrome look is by choosing deep, dark grey fabric for your interior design project. The grey tones are easier on the eye and easier to keep clean that black fabric. 


Almost White

At the other end of the colour spectrum white can also appear to be a little stark. It is also a particularly unforgiving colour choice for fabrics in a busy household. A pale dove grey fabric will still add brightness to your space but will stay looking good for much longer. The best thing about a gorgeous pale grey is that it goes with anything. You can add bright, pastel or dark colours and change your look easily.


Pale and Interesting

Grey is beautiful, coupled with sumptuous textures you can create a wonderful space. When you look at different greys they have an undertone that when complemented really makes the colours in your room pop. Some greys have a pink/purple undertone which are fabulous for creating a romantic look. Mixing in pale pinks, glass and metallic accessories completes this look beautifully. 


Feeling Blue

A grey with a blue undertone looks stunning with any tone of blue. It is particularly good with a strong navy blue. You can create a cool, calming ambience with grey and pale blue tones or a bold look with a hint of masculinity. 


Shades of grey

Grey is so versatile that you need not use any other colour in your interior design project if you wish. Creating an intriguing look with only grey fabrics is an easy task. Choose grey patterned fabrics with different tones of grey woven into a floral, leaf or geometric pattern. Experiment with fabrics of various textures and metallic thread to add depth to your room.

Whether you are redesigning your living room, a bedroom, dining room or office space there is a grey fabric (or many grey fabrics) that are just what you are looking for. Grey fabric is the perfect choice for any interior design project. Grey is the new black. Only much better. Take a look at our fabric finder and browse our range of fabulous fabrics.


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