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Why should I consider blackout Roman Blinds for my home?

The convenience and flexibility of Roman blinds for offices and homes have jumpstarted the efficiency and innovation of window covers. Considered better than the usual curtains, Roman Blinds provide spaces with a neat and sleek window treatment that functions as much as curtains do. Roman blinds cover your whole windows perfectly, without even worrying about the fabrics getting into floors that just accumulate dust even more; and we all want something that isn’t too much but still protects our homes.

When buying Roman blinds, we all end up in the same situation and always ask ourselves what colour shade or pattern should be put in our homes. More than this, we must also take into consideration what kind of fabric we should associate with our blinds to block out light well making us in control of how much brightness comes into our homes and offices. Still, we can always request the type of fabric for our Roman blinds to get more of what’s in them for us.

Many homeowners pick the most stylish fabrics for their blinds. But being stylish isn’t going to give you more control over the privacy that you want for your homes. Typically, people would want to buy Roman blinds in fabrics such as velvet or something that gives their preferred texture, but not all come with greater advantage. With this, consider buying fabrics that are thicker than usual, so they can block light more and let you have a more effective fabric you need to have for your space. 

Floral Pattern Roman Blind

Blackout fabrics

Blackout fabrics refer to a foam-back fabric that is made thick to let you block light more, give you a noise-proof room, create more privacy, and can also retain certain temperatures for your room. They are commonly found in hotel rooms, providing you with more comfort and creates a peaceful space when draped fully.

There are a lot of advantages when choosing blackout fabrics for your Roman blinds. But we recommend getting the thicker ones, as they are considered better.

Blackout fabrics block out light more. The thickness of the fabric does not let any ray of sunshine pass through, as they are made from synthetic foams that are stuck tightly with one another, blocking out any unwanted light from passing through. Moreover, it is perfect for bedrooms as they let you have a goodnight's sleep, making you feel like it’s still nighttime even if you’re sleeping during broad daylight. Thus, no need to hide under your comforter just because it’s too bright; it will literally let you skip that part for better sleep.

Moreover, the thickness of the fabric is an absolute wonder for those who do not want unnecessary noise in their homes. While the lining of the fabric is made thick, it also is an effective way to block out unwanted noise from coming inside your home. The blackout foam lining bounces sound waves from entering, thus perfect for you to have a peaceful day at home or in the office. Most blackout fabric blocks out 90% of noise from the outside, which can also be used most especially when you’re living in the city.

Furthermore, you’ll also be amazed how blackout fabrics can be cost-efficient to retain the temperature inside any space. Even if your windows are fully covered with glass, there is still a great chance that the coolness inside your homes can degrade as they usually surpass small holes around your windows. With this, blackout fabrics can assist in covering your windows even more, while it retains and lets the temperature inside your homes stay as you want them to be. The thickness of the fabric does that, so you won’t have to worry about your air conditioners running 24/7 at home or in your office. 

Nevertheless, blackout fabrics also create more privacy. Some curtains can appear thin and can somehow be see-through as you make close contact with them, but the lining of the blackout fabrics prevents anyone from having a visible sight of the other side of your curtains. The foam lining solely does that, and you’ll be mesmerized by how it gives you lots of benefits when you use it for your window covers.


Colours for your blackout fabrics

When blackout fabrics have an extra lining to ensure the thickness of your curtains, might as well have some colours that also provide you with more functions for a private, sunlight-free, and noise-free home.

You may choose from colours like black, navy blue, dark green, or any other darker shades. These fabrics can also give more boldness to your home, letting you have an elegant window cover to suit your taste for a more mysterious and elegant home. 

If you’re not into darker shades, you can still opt for something that appears lovely for your home. Colours in lighter shades like white, ivory, grey, and light blue can provide you a cozy look at home, immersing you in a tranquil environment that’s also bright but does not affect your furniture at home. Brighter colours are also very chic and classic to make your eyes feel comfortable as they hang around.

Want an artistic look? You can browse through our fabric finder and search for blackout fabrics with patterns and prints to let you have artistic and sophisticated Roman blinds to cover your windows. Our fabrics come in different designs; natural, geometric, and all sorts of patterns, so you can always choose the kind of statement you want for your blinds. They are also good for spaces that are painted plain, so your home would not appear too boring as you get to fully hang your blinds.

Blackout fabrics for Roman blinds come with additional advantages. From blocking out light and maintaining peace and privacy at home, it’s not just a window cover that hangs without any cause; they are multipurpose and you will be fascinated by the convenience and the functionality it can give you when you get to hang them. 

Give it a try - we know you’ll love them. 


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