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Why Should I Buy Ready Made Curtains?

Choosing the perfect ready made curtains to complete your look is an exciting part of interior design. Curtains are not only practical, giving you privacy, keeping out drafts and blocking out the light so you can get a restful night’s sleep. They also look gorgeous. In most homes windows are plentiful and large so it follows that the curtains should be chosen with careful consideration as you would choose the rest of your furniture and decor.

There are so many choices when it comes to curtains. Different styles, pleated, tab top, eyelet, what drop do you prefer? How do you want them to look, do you want a full gathering or relaxed gathering? And this is before you even start to think about the colour, pattern, style, fabric.

One curtain certainly does not fit all. Of course made to measure curtains are bespoke to your requirements and you can be certain that they fit perfectly. Read our guide to measuring curtains. However, there are many times that ready made curtains are the perfect choice for your windows.

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A Perfect Fit

If you are lucky enough to have windows with measurements that coincide with the ready made curtain standard sizes then they are a great choice. Simple, easy to install and quick. You can literally purchase your curtains and have them covering your windows and looking fabulous in a matter of hours.

In general the sizes are as follows:



46in, 117cm

66in, 167cm 

90in, 229cm

130in, 330cm



54in, 137cm

72in, 182 cm

90in, 229cm

108in, 274cm


The Colour Is Right

Never compromise or make do with ready made curtains that are not quite right. If the colour, style or pattern is almost what you want but is lacking in something you won’t be happy. Curtains take up a large space when they are hung, you don’t want to sit looking at them wishing they were slightly darker, thicker, that they aren't quite what you envisaged. That said, there are so many choices of readymade curtains that you may well find the perfect match. If you do find exactly what young are looking for then go for it. 


Great On A Budget

It goes without saying that a bespoke product is always going to have a higher price tag than something that is ready made. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a bad option, it just means you have less input into the design, this is what you pay for with a bespoke made to measure service. If you are looking for a budget option, ready made curtains are a fantastic option.


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