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Why is velvet such a good material for indoor furniture?

There are a number of fabrics that are used for indoor furniture. All of which have their benefits. One of the most popular choices for indoor furniture is velvet. There are many reasons that make velvet the perfect choice for your upholstery.


Velvet is versatile

Velvet is a wonderfully versatile fabric. It can be used to upholster sofas, accent chairs, ottomans, and footstools. Its dense weave makes it suitable for all sorts of furniture. There are various types of velvet available. 

Polyester velvet is perfect for a busy family home. It still has the soft, sleek feel of velvet, however it won’t suffer the crushing that other velvets can over time. Polyester velvet is more resistant to spills and stains making it a great choice when there are small children and pets around.

Cotton or cotton blend velvet fabrics are durable and have a more lustrous pile. This however does make them more susceptible to staining. The thicker pile is likely to become crushed and worn over time. This is why this is more suitable for furniture that will be used occasionally or with a decorative purpose. We wouldn’t recommend a cotton blend velvet for a family home.

Velvet Fabric Selection

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Velvet is durable

Despite its gorgeous, soft and luxurious appearance velvet is actually very durable. A polyester velvet is particularly hardwearing. 

Velvet scores very highly on the rub test. The rub test is where a specialist machine rubs the fabric several times, simulating use. When the fabric starts to show signs of wear the test is completed and the number of rubs gives the score and an indication of how durable the fabric will be. The rub test is used for contract furniture where the arduous use required a high score. Velvet is frequently used in bars, restaurants and hotels. It is recommended that when choosing your velvet for domestic upholstery you choose one with a rub test over 20,000 rubs. 


Velvet looks gorgeous

Aside from all of the practicalities velvet looks stunning. It is a plush, opulent fabric that oozes style. It can look fabulous in a rich colour that emphasizes the cosy texture. It creates a beautiful iridescent sheen in light colours. Velvet also lends itself to a wonderful pattern. The velvet detail can contrast against a fabric weave or the pattern can run through the velvet. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for the ultimate in luxury and style with practical advantages velvet is the fabric for you. Browse our range of fabrics and find a gorgeous velvet for your indoor furniture.


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