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Why is velvet expensive?

When you hear the word velvet, you think of lavish Renaissance drapes and ancient textiles.

The word ‘velvety’ means gentle, and it takes its meaning from velvet. With its gentle nap and polished look, this smooth and light fabric embodies luxury.

For years, velvet has been the most desired fabric in fashion design and home décor, and its luxurious feel and style make it an ideal material for a grand design.

Luxury Velvet Fabric

What is Velvet?

Velvet is a light, luxurious fabric characterized by a thick pile of fibres that are evenly cut and have a smooth nap. Because of the features of the short pile fibres, velvet has an awesome drape and a soft and glossy look.

This fabric is a radiant, fluffy piece that feels and looks more elegant than other materials, and without a doubt, it has surpassed trends and styles.

Since the fabric was initially made of silk, velvet fabric is popular for dresses for special occasions. Velvet can also be made using wool, cotton, linen, mohair, and synthetic fibres, making velvet less costly and integrated into clothing for everyday wear.

Velvet is also a home decor material, where it's used as fabric for, curtains, upholstery, pillows, and more.

Velvet’s Brief History

Though velvet is linked with European aristocracy, it’s believed that this fabric has originated from East Asia. In China, fragments of velvet made from silk were found dating back to 403 B.C. Iraq and Egypt, with fragments dating back to 2000 B.C., were also considered as the first creators of velvet.

Europeans brought it into commerce along the Silk Road, and Italy is the first European nation to have a velvet industry. It soon became Europe's largest producer and supplier.

Velvet was used in many luxury items at the period, such as curtains, chairs, or garments. During the Renaissance, velvet output reached a high point, particularly patterned velvets that you traditionally associate with the period.

As the Industrial Revolution brought technological change, it enabled faster and cheaper clothing and textile production, including velvet.

Despite this, the connection of velvet with luxury remained, and it was still used to make dresses feel more luxurious and look more glamorous.

Throughout the decades, people's love of velvet has persisted, with the elegant ambiance of the 1970s and 80s and the pop stars of the 90s.

At present, you see this fabric in several various collections, styles, and shapes, whether to assist the revival of the ‘90s, in more inventive and modern takes on the fabric, or lining the seats of your nearest theatre.

What Makes Velvet Expensive?

Velvet is pricey compared to other fabrics. Velvet is not flat-woven, unlike other fabrics. It needs more yarn and more production steps. First, yarn from various materials is knitted together on a loom between backing with two layers. After this, velvet is broken in the middle, creating two similar materials, each one with the uplifted pile giving it its smooth feel.

Velvet is very complex and time-consuming to produce. The production process and all its natural silk fibres are some of the reasons behind its higher price.

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