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Which type of weave is the best?

Fabrics are vital for making clothes, curtains, upholstery, and other items. Materials can be grouped based on their weave structure- woven, non-woven, braid, and knit.

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We will focus on weave fabrics for this blog.

Any textiles made from the weaving process are referred to as woven fabrics.

Weaving is a textile manufacturing process in which two separate sets of yarns or threads are intertwined at a right angle to each other to form a cloth or fabric.

Warp refers to the longitudinal yarns while weft or filling is the lateral threads.

Fabrics are woven using a loom which has a fundamental purpose of holding the tensioned warp threads to promote the weft threads interweaving.

Most woven fabrics are produced through one of the three common weaves- plain, satin, and twill. Some other weave types came from alterations of these three.

The type of weave used depends on the item which will be created, so there’s no specific type of weave that outweighs everything.

The plain weave, however, is the simplest and most preferred weave type. The plain weave offers plenty of advantages as well.

What is the plain weave?

The plain weave is also referred to as the basic, calico, or tabby weave. It’s a woven fabric with a basic perpendicular weaving pattern in which all the threads run.

The plain weave looks like a checkerboard pattern of straight interlocking threads passing over and under each other at right angles like a woven basket. Chiffon, seersucker, flannel, organdy, are some examples of this weave.

The plain weave is a very strong, dependable fabric for every textile item like upholstery and clothing.

Here are some of its characteristics:

Durable- plain weave can maintain its form after several washes and can withstand pilling.

Easy to sew- it’s simple to sew without getting puckers or gathers since it isn’t elastic.

Structured- it can retain its shape and has many structures.

Has similar appearance on both sides- unlike other fabrics that have a right and wrong side, the plain weave has identical sides. Due to its crisscross pattern, both sides look the same unless there’s a print on one side.

More costly than knit- all woven fabrics are usually expensive than knit fabrics because weaving requires a more complex method than knitting.
Common uses of plain weave

Plain weave is most likely to be used for products that require a heavier or more structured appearance.

Upholstery- most furniture such as couches or sofas have plain weave upholstery fabric because it’s structured and durable.

Shirt- most shirts, especially business shirts and button-ups, are created of plain weave to have more definition and shape.

There are many weaving types right now. Their functions vary depending on the item that will be created. The plain weave is the common and most used weave used by textile manufacturers. It’s used to create several items like clothes and upholstery.

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