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Which type of fabric is best for upholstery?

Upholstered furniture gets different degrees of use depending on the type and where it’s placed. Furniture used in rooms with high traffic like the living room need sturdy upholstery, and that can retain its colour and shape.

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Pieces that get daily wear and tear have to be protected in durable, challenging, and tightly woven material. However, less durable fabric will do for pieces that are subjected to average amounts of wear.

Determine the thread count when purchasing furniture because a higher thread count means the more tightly woven the material is and the better it will look. Knowing the fabric’s features and how it will suit your preference and lifestyle is crucial when buying upholstery fabric.

Types of Fabrics

Upholstery fabrics come in two types: natural and synthetic. Natural fabrics are produced from animals or plants, while synthetic fabrics come from man-made materials.

Having said this, here are some fabrics that you can use for upholstery:

1. Cotton
Be mindful that the denser the cotton weave, the sturdier the fabric. Denim, duck, and sailcloth are some of the examples. Cotton is vulnerable to stains, but you can apply a stain-resistant finish to secure the furniture.

2. Wool
Wool that comes from sheep is durable but difficult to clean. Wool mixed with synthetic fabrics, however, gives you the ability to have a wool fabric that’s both durable and easy to maintain.

3. Leather
Leather is a great option for upholstery fabric because it’s durable and gets better with age. Many buyers prefer leather since it’s easy to clean, versatile, and tough.

This fabric is more expensive than other materials, but it lasts for several years.

4. Microfibre
Like leather, microfibre is a durable fabric as well. Make sure that it’s 100 % polyester, so it doesn’t leave traces of water, fade, and stain. Microfibre is easy to maintain and can withstand wears.

5. Polyester
Polyester can last for a long time amid rigorous use. It has many fantastic features and offers durability like no other. Ensure that it’s 100% polyester and not combined with other fabrics.

Test the fabric’s strength by holding the fabric in one hand and pulling with the other. Inspect the threads to guarantee they’re woven tightly.

Sitting on the piece is another way of testing it. If the fabric is strong, the furniture will return to its place when you sit on it. Doing this allows you to test furniture before buying it.

Regardless of where you put your furniture, the fabric must withstand everyday use. Researching and knowing the different fabric choices can help you get hold of furniture that will last long. Invest in a fine piece from the start to make your time and money worthy.

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