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Which is better PU leather or faux leather?

Leather is an excellent fabric for upholstery furniture, the base of its material can last up to 5 years longer than any other fabric. But pure leather can cost so much. They are a little bit pricey. Hence faux leather and polyurethane (PU) was created and became an alternative fabric for those purchasers who want to avail leather. In this context which leather fabric do you think is better, faux leather or PU leather?

Real Leather Fabric On A Accent Chair

Real leather upholstered on Yorkshire Fabric Shop's Soriana Chair, which you can buy here.

According to research, faux leather in comes from the French dictionary as fake leather. The material used was man-made to represent the fine look and feel of the genuine leather that you can get from an animal hide. It can look like embossed sometime with a textured character, water-resistant and easy to clean and maintain. Thus it offers great value at a low price point. The quality of both types of leather can fool you, the softness and they look just like real leather, and it will indeed take your breath away.


Yorkshire Fabric Shop Hudson range of bonded leather, looks like the real leather with the texture eombossed.

The difference between the two leather is that, PU leather known as synthetic leather. The leather was created from polyurethane which is a plastic that has a similar feel and aspect to leather without harming any animals. The PU is an artificial material that does not involve animals and that is the main point of its product.

While faux leather was created with a fabric base with such as polyester. Soft and long-lasting that made faux leather ultra-leather, meaning it is a premium quality fabric that offers a luxury and beauty of real leather. The fabric contains an imitation leather finish and texture of wax, dye, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or polyurethane. It is designed to look like real leather but the surface of the leather synthetic is uniform. It is different from the PU leather because some types of faux leather is called bicast, meaning it has an actual leather. Since bicast leather is partially made from natural leather. It had the properties of both types of leather. Whereas PU leather is only made of artificial materials that do not have any real leather, it is totally vegan.

For example at Yorkshire Fabric Shop we have a range named Bicast & then a faux leather fabric named Paris.

But sadly in terms of their durability, PU leather easily wears and can crack over time which means it does not stay long the same with real leather. It easily tears, unlike genuine leather. While faux leather, the laminated surface often cracks after a few years of use but it can at least last a long time. The attractiveness of the leather requires harsh chemicals for cleaning it easily. Thus, faux leather items will not become warped or cracked.

PU Leather Fabric Chair - Before 

Customer Creation - Before With PU

Faux Leather Grey Fabric Chair - After

Customer Creation - After With Faux Leather

At Yorkshire Fabric Shop we are pioneers in offering faux leather in a range of textured, patterns and materials. See have a range of faux leathers from embossed grain to plain gloss finishes. See a glipse of our faux leather range here.

Python Raise Scales Textured Pattern Tan Brown Colour Faux Leather Vinyl Upholstery Material 

Animal Pattern Faux Leathers

Nevis Tartan Checked Pattern Faux Leather In Green Colour Upholstery Fabric

Tartan Faux Leathers

Stealth Herringbone Pattern Semi Plain Faux Leather In Silver Grey Colour Upholstery Fabric

Herringbone Faux Leathers

As you can see, Yorkshire Fabric Shop has a fabulous range of faux leathers that you never knew would exist in such material. Browse all our faux leather fabrics here, order samples and create something amazing today.


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