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Which fabrics make beautiful curtains?

Nowadays curtains are not only made to bring a new perspective to our homes. Good quality curtains can be everything-providing privacy, warmth, and comfort. To make the most out of our curtains, selecting the fabric material is essential. With hundreds of curtain textile types to choose from, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed where to start fixing the best fabric for your curtains.

If you're on the look for your curtain but do not know where to start, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop recommends some popular fabrics you can consider.


If you are looking for a breezy look for your bedroom and living rooms, this natural fabric is an excellent choice. Its softness and smoothness are combined with a cool and breathable feature, making it suitable in living rooms and bedrooms. It may look thin outside, yet this thinness never compromised the kind of durability, since it is made from nature. Its neutral shades can always go regardless of the room style you have.

This organic fabric can be dyed to add a statement to the area, yet its neutral colours can bring the room's best look.


A hefty fabric, velvet curtains are the best if you are aiming for protection and comfort. Its thick features help block sounds and lights from the outside, making it suitable for those who want more privacy inside. Furthermore, it provides good insulation, which makes this fabric the best choice during the cold season.

Velvet is also an elegant fabric that gives a formal, polished, and stylish look in living rooms, bedrooms, and master bedrooms. Because of its bold statement, this is also placed in areas with high ceilings. Rich colours can produce a luxurious perspective to the area, while the neutral shades give more warmth to the room due to its softness in nature.

These days you can buy patterned velvet like the Amalfi range and the Freedom range at Yorkshire Fabric Shop, gone are the days of plains!

Pattern Velvet Makes Beautiful Curtains


Known as a versatile textile, cotton is very suitable in traditional and modernized room styles because of its being durable yet light in weight. This fabric can give you whatever you're looking for in a curtain.

If you want extra protection from the sunlight, there are cotton materials with a tighter weave that blocks the light. There are also cotton curtains that even "invite" the sun's rays inside for a naturally warming glow.

Like the linen, cotton is also known for being a natural-based fabric, making it a perfect choice for those looking for an environmentally-friendly material.

Cotton Pattern Fabric Curtains


Silk is the most durable fibre in the globe, yet this is also one of the delicate fabrics that are also another best option for curtain fabric. Its thread is so elastic that it can never quickly lose its shape. It is also wrinkle-resistant, so you can hang the curtain beautifully without an untidy appeal. Perfect in the dining area and bedrooms, silk curtains can guarantee to bring out a romantic effect to these areas.

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop is the best place where you can get the best fabrics for your curtains. Being one of the best fabric suppliers in the UK, we offer a range of fabric styles and designs that can match your curtains. Feel free to visit our store or check our website to see more of our products.


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