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Which curtain heading style should I choose?

Curtains give lots of benefits to your home. They offer comfort, style, and privacy. In choosing what curtains to put in your house, you consider several factors such as fabric, colour, and budget. The question is this - have you also considered what header style to use?

The headings play an important role in your curtains. They determine how well your curtains fall, which affects the overall style.

Some curtain headings work in all rooms, but others are suitable in a specific area.

Curtain heading type at Yorkshire Fabric Shop

If you want to know which curtain heading style you should choose, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop listed down some options.

What are the Different Curtain Headings?

Pencil Pleats
The pencil pleat heading is considered as the most common heading type. This heading got its name because it looks like a row of pencils when pulled up.

A heading tape with three cords is attached at the back. To achieve the pleating look, you have to adjust the strings in the tape. Also, three pockets can be found on the tape, which can be adjusted to get the right height when you hang the curtains. Changing the look of the curtains is possible by tightening or setting loose the cords.

Pencil pleat headings are usually the cheapest heading, and they suit best in smaller areas.

Pinch Pleats
Pinch pleats are available in three types- single, double, and triple pleat.
The single pleat is suitable in small spaces and for fabrics with patterns. This pleat is classic and cheap.

The double pleat gives an elegant and contemporary look.

The triple pleat is also called the French pleat. This heading style is very formal and offers a luxurious appeal. More fabrics are needed to achieve this look. Its design leaves a good impression, so it’s best to put the triple pleat in rooms that receive lots of traffic like the living room.

Eyelet Heading
Curtains with eyelet headings have rings attached to the fabric. Curtains are then threaded on a curtain rod or pole. Eyelet headings work best for curtains with patterns as they don’t twist the material.

If you want to allow more light to go into your room, the eyelet heading style is a great choice. This heading is easy to maintain, as well.

Wave curtains are gaining attention for the past years. Do you want to know why?

This heading effortlessly gives a smart and elegant style. The wave heading is effective in showing off the patterns of the fabric. Take note that you have to use a wave track if you want to use this curtain heading.
Wave headings are considered as the best to use for stack back since curtains use less space when they are drawn back. Another good thing about this heading is that it doesn’t deform patterned fabrics.

The curtain headings mentioned above are some of the options you can choose from when you buy a made to measure curtains with us. Each heading has pros and cons. Remember that choosing what curtain heading to use all depends on your style, preference, and need.

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