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Which curtain fabric keeps the cold out?

With the winter season coming, it's best to gear up our homes' protection from the chilly wind outside. While there are various house furnishings, choosing curtain fabrics is an efficient way to resolve the cold season. With various curtain types to choose from, it’s crucial to choose the fabric wisely to maximize the protection you need from the weather's coldness. For some ideas, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop recommends the following curtain fabrics for the chilly winter season.

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Velvet is a fabric type that is known for its heavy and thickness features. This wideness provides privacy to particular areas in the home. Furthermore its heaviness can keep out the cold, making it an excellent material in thermal curtains. Crushed or full velvet curtains are excellent choices to provide instant warmth to the room.


Another heavy fabric, suede curtains is another material that is also used in insulating curtains. As it also blocks lights and noise, this fabric can also be accountable during cold conditions. With these features, suede can help conserve every household to conserve energy.


Unlike the denim and suede, the tapestry is a woven fabric that has been widely used for different items like upholsteries and wall coverings. Formerly used by the royalties centuries ago, tapestry has been recognized as an elegant curtain that protects the household from coldness, light, and noise.

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What are Thermal Curtains?

When it comes to winter solutions, thermal curtains are among the in-demand materials that every household wants to have. Featuring a layer of acrylic foam between fabric layers that provides insulation, these curtains are exceptional in cold months.

Also called insulated curtains, the thermal element can hold and maintain the heat because of the following layers:

1. Decorated layer - the fabric on the surface.

2. Foam core - foam that is high-density, which blocks the heat transform out of the area. It can also absorb sound waves.

3. Vapour barrier - A material that avoids the foam to absorb moisture from the condensation process.

Benefits of Choosing Thermal Curtain Fabrics


As it reduces heat loss from the windows by up to 25 percent, thermal curtains can also block the chillness that enters the window. This makes our home cosier even in cold weather.

Lower electricity consumption

With the presence of thermal curtains, your home will not require using the heater and other appliances to maintain the temperature inside. With this you do not have to suffer paying a higher bill because of too much electricity consumption.

Less wear on the heating system & boiler

One of the disadvantages of using heat systems frequently is the debris it collects. It doesn't have to take more loads off the heating system with insulated curtains, contributing to its longer lifespan.

We at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop offer various energy-saving curtain materials and designs that can surely suit your homes. Suppose you're into curtains against the cold weather, head on to our store and see their fabrics for yourselves. Feel free to head on their website and start choosing the curtain fabric that fits your home! We also provide a made to measure curtains service, just pick your fabric and give us your measurements, we’ll have them made right here in Yorkshire !


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