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What's the difference between blackout curtains and room darkening curtains?

If you're looking for the best window decors, there are various options you can choose. There's probably something that fits your need and preference from the curtains, blinds, and cellular shades. You must know what you want to accomplish first, may it be a newer interior perspective or more comfort.

Blackout Curtain Fabric Room

Meanwhile, if you're into something that could lessen the light inside the area, then room darkening or blackout curtains are your best options.

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop provides this guide on the differences between these two window treatments to help you develop, which will be the best for your room.

Blackout Fabrics
These window shades are made from opaque fabrics that are specially made to eliminate lightness in a room. Often seen in hotels, schools, and offices, this can also be an excellent choice for bedrooms and nursery areas.

Some of the benefits of these window treatments include:
- It creates dark or sleep-appropriate areas both at day and night
- It helps to reduce the energy consumption costing by about 25%
- In some cases, blackout curtains can eliminate natural brightness by up to 100%
- As it minimizes the brightness, it produces a more relaxed and additional comfort to the area too
- It provides a substantial reduction of noise
- It aids in enhancing the privacy needed in the area

Meanwhile, some types of blackout shades are:

1. According to style
- Cellular blackout
- Roman blackout
- Roller blackout

2. According to control options
- With cord
- Cordless

Along with these, there are also various colours, prints, and fabrics that you can choose. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers lots of blackout curtains that will surely bring out the best look and ambience to your area.

Room Darkening Fabric
On the other hand, room darkening fabric reduce the amount of light coming to the room. Unlike the blackout shades, these window treatments produce a darker look but not something that pitch-black.

Some of the conveniences in room darkening fabrics are:
- It keeps the sunlight out at day and your exterior lights at night
- It maintains a comfortable temperature in the area
- It minimizes too much brightness even on television and computer screens.
- It also helps in reducing energy consumption.
- It provides better privacy and noise reduction.

It also has a variety of choices that you can choose, some of these are:

1. According to style
- Roman shades
- Rollers shades
- Sheer shades

2. According to the mechanism
- Standard pull cord
- Wand
- Top-down bottom-up
- Cordless

With these guides, you can indeed know the best darkening curtain that will work best for you and your loved ones. These two window treatments may be similar in some ways, but these always depend on what you are looking forward to achieving. 

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For more options and guidance on your curtain needs, do not hesitate to visit The Yorkshire Fabric Shop. Feel free to check out our curtain shops website to see an array of fabrics that work well for blackout and room darkening curtain types.


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