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What type of fabric is best for upholstery?

If you're buying new furniture or upholstering an old favourite, fabric quality is one of the most important decisions you'll need to make. It can be a little overwhelming, with a large number of fabric options. Colour and pattern are important, but you need to choose the right type of fabric for your furniture and your lifestyle before you get to that point.

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We know how difficult it is to find the perfect fabric for you, so we gather the best upholstery fabric in the market to narrow down your options. Here is the best upholstery fabric that you can use in your upholstery project.


The most commonly used natural fibre is cotton, and it is the cheapest. It intends to add a comfortable feel to your furniture with comfort and stability. Cotton is fantastic for longevity and fading resistance but is prone to stains.

Furthermore, as most cotton can be cleaned with soap and water, it's a common option for a pillowcase. You can never find 100% cotton upholstery fabric, which is generally part of a mix. Generally, the best-quality cotton blends can contain around 45 to 60% cotton.


Silk is likely to be one of the most expensive upholstery fabric choices. It can only be used without heavy usage in a formal living space. If something is spilt or soils the furniture, silk needs to be professionally washed.

In cold weather, it also helps to preserve the body heat since it is a respirable substance, and a naturally regulated temperature sensor and excess heat release in the hot weather to keep the body cool.


Since it can wrinkle and stain easily, linen is suitable for adult only rooms. Perfectly, most printed fabric is on linen, making it more economical to produce intricate designs. When washed, the linen will shrink. It needs to be washed professionally to avoid damaging or altering the fabric size.

Linen, made from flax, is an incredibly versatile natural fibre. It's smooth, soft, and lustrous, naturally. It is also used for greater elasticity in a mixture of cotton.


When checked, wool fabric  is extremely durable and stable. It is highly resistant to pilling and staining, making it a great choice for a place where normally people stay. The downside of wool is that it may have an odour that's hard to get rid of when it gets wet.

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In addition to that, it is also a durable choice for upholstery fabric, a natural fibre that originates from animal fur. It can, however, be a little scratchy and can be hard to clean if not part of a blend and risks felting. The majority of wool upholstery fabric is probably a blend because of this.


The most durable fabric for upholstery is probably leather. For high traffic areas while looking relaxed, leather is a great choice. For those who have livestock or pets, leather is often recommended.

Leather, made from animal hide, is sturdy and easy to clean. Vacuuming the hair out of it is simple and lasts for a long time. However, there are numerous leather types, so be sure to look for full or top grain leather to ensure you get the best.


Velvet is one of the fabrics for upholstery that is most wanted and sought after. Aside from having a soft and warm feel, the shape of the furniture is also highlighted by velvet. It is pretty much the original glamour fabric with its plush feel and sheen.

Furthermore, velvet stands out from other fabrics for upholstery, adding depth and definition to a piece's form. Dye also shows off the depth of the pile very well, resulting in an intense, rich sound.


Microfiber, a polyester cloth knit mix, is softer than suede and much easier to clean. It is made of tightly woven synthetic fibres, providing longevity and resistance to moisture while preserving the suede's aesthetic qualities.

For a few reasons, this fabric is ideal for upholstering furniture. Next, the velvety feel ensures you're sitting in comfort at all times. Secondly, microfiber is durable and water-resistant, making it suitable for children and pets with well-used furniture and homes. Lastly, the fabric retains its colour well.


Polyester is a synthetic fibre of high performance that is never used alone. In combination with natural materials such as cotton and wool, you can most often find it working. Polyester blends provide strength, simplicity of washing, and fading, wrinkling, and abrasion resistance.

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Generally speaking, it is a strong, synthetic fibre that can withstand everyday use on a sofa. Since there are so many different types of polyester upholstery content, when you shop for or reupholster a sofa, learning about its characteristics will help you narrow your choices.

Although it ultimately depends on your preference and needs, there are some strong front-runners from which to choose. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop knows that texture is vital for furniture, so you must have the perfect fabric for upholstery.

We know that choosing the right one isn't an easy job, but we hope that the list above will direct you when trying to purchase one for your next project.


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