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What style of dining chair should I go for?

A dining table is an essential element to any family home because it's a place to finally be together after a long day. Much like many other parts of our home, we're always looking to upgrade it. Many people take the approach of changing up ornaments or decorations. However, upgrading to some stylish new dining chairs is the way forward.

There are a lot of dining chair styles that are readily available in home depots and furniture stores. It is a good idea to have chairs that go well with the whole ambiance of your room so that your dining area can look complete and beautiful in full.

Whether you want to bring a minimalist or elegant interior while you dine, there are various dining chair styles and designs that you may want to consider

Dining chairs finished in leatherette fabric.

If you're looking to upgrade your dining chairs, here are some potential designs:

Dining Chairs

Parsons chair 

A common type of dining chair, a parsons chair is characterised by its plush backrest and soft sink, which makes it a very comfortable seat. The soft feel when sitting and the well-cushioned backrest makes them wanted by homeowners for their dining tables, as they can also come cheap and handy. Additionally, it can be incorporated with different types of upholstery fabrics, such as chenille or velvet. 

Uplholstered dining chair

Vintage French Chair

Vintage French chairs are very traditional and can provide your dining table with a more royal look. They can come in velvet and damask fabrics, making for a more sophisticated dining experience.

 French Design upholstered dining chair

Wingback chair

While wingback chairs are commonly found in living rooms, armless ones also complement dining tables really well. Wingback chairs are also quite functional given its long backrest that you can rest your head against. You can incorporate a wide array of fabrics for them, but it is best paired with mixes of cotton for both comfort and durability

Craftsman chair

A craftsman chair is ideal for a modern and minimalist dining room. It consists of a wooden chair frame and a small backrest, though don't be swayed by their small size as they are also low maintenance.

Small upholstered dining chair 

Modern Bentwood

This chair has a rounded backrest and can be paired with a modern interior to create a formal and sophisticated dining area. They are available in both steel and wooden frames, and are sold with cushions so you're guaranteed a comfortable dining experience. 

Dining Chair Upholstery

Dining chairs upholstered in Pandora fabric

If you already have the desired chairs for your dining table, you may be looking to rejuvenate them, especially if you've had them for a while. One of the best ways to make your chairs look fresher is to upholster. This is a process that involves the fabrics and cushions being developed and furnished so you can have it according to what you prefer. You are able to choose what type and style of fabric that you want for your chair so it matches the atmosphere you desire for your dining area.

Upholstery fabrics for dining chairs

You can have your chairs upholstered through Yorkshire Fabric Shop's upholstery services and you have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of colours, designs, and fabrics. We can guarantee the best quality of upholstery fabrics that are most suited to you!

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