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What patterns are available for my made-to-measure curtains?

In a world full of plain coloured curtains, somehow it’s a little bit overwhelming to choose what colour curtain we should buy. Different colours usually bring out some statement. 

Made to measure curtains, especially those that are short, can often look bland. However, when we get to make or purchase them, it might be recommended to pick out something more stylish. This means that we can always pick the curtain fabric that we want, which we know pairs best with our entire interiors. Thus, patterned fabrics must be a choice so your made-to-measure curtains can appear more appealing and pleasing daily.

Picking the best possible curtain style and pattern can be so confusing. With a lot of available curtain styles, we might not know what’s right and good for our homes. However, at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we can give you tips and the basics to let your creative side stand out and make your home as stylish as it can possibly be.

Patters for made to measure curtains

Nature Patterns

Patterns with prints that resemble the look of nature can be good for your homes. These patterns can create a natural statement for your homes while still catering to a curtain that is full of art.

You may choose our Bruges Life Parrot All Over Pattern Blue Green Red Black Jacquard Upholstery Fabric for a colorful design with deep colours in them. Aside from this, patterns of leaves like our Colony Jungle Leafs Pattern Printed Velveteen Black Colour Upholstery Curtains Fabric, Jungle Leaf Pattern Green Blue Colour Soft Chenille Upholstery Fabric, and Piccadilly Collection Leaf Floral Pattern Woven Upholstery Teal Chenille Fabric, usually bring out a tropical vibe for your home. These are best for homes that have a strong interior and can add up to the lively colours around every room. Additionally, you can associate them with your living room to make it appear more breathable, but can still add to the privacy that you want inside.

JO-1140 Floral Curtain

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Classic Patterns

If ever you are fond of having that traditional style for your curtains which can resonate with the wholeness of your classic homes, you may opt to have made to measure curtains in classic patterns. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop has a lot of styles, shapes, and those in between that you can choose to let yourself get mesmerised by.

The Komkotar Fabrics Rich Detail Floral Damask Upholstery Fabric In Green Colour is a deep green coloured fabric with a soft and matte texture. It is good to generate a plush statement for your window covers. If you are into something more cultural-looking, you can also have Mazahua Tribal Theme Damask Intricate Pattern in Purple, Navy Blue, or Brown Coloured Chenille Fabric. However, if you are more complex-minded, you can even try our Zoque Kilim Tribal Theme Patchwork in a series of different colours that fit what you prefer for your windows. The choices are just endless for you to be able to know what’s best for your homes.

Yet, something that brings a ravishing elegance to your homes would be fabrics in Damask and Brocade. Usually, both fabrics create sophisticated yet entirely soft and less striking patterns so you can get the sense of artistry while not having too many details for your homes. It’s good for interiors to provide finesse while not forgetting the minimalist side the fabrics can offer.


Geometric Patterns

To add more depth to your homes through your curtains, you might as well have something geometric to adhere to the shadows and create a room that can appear wider for you to appreciate every day. We also offer a wide array of geometric designs, lined, curved, or whatever that you like, so you can have a home that looks profoundly appealing.

You can choose from Manali Geometric Pattern Chenille Material, Foxe Small Scale Geometric Pattern Printed Velveteen, Hakkaido Geometric Pattern Velvet Fabric, Le Triangle Collection Soft Feel Geometric Diamond Pattern, Kyoto Argyle Geometric Pattern Velvet Fabric, and browse from the variety of colours. These geometric patterns aren’t just a series of shapes and lines; they actually bring about your curtains into life! 

Imagine as your curtains are moving with the wind, the geometric patterns of your curtains would also appear to be moving. 


Striped Patterns

Striped patterns may seem to be out of style, but associating some colours with them can bring the funk up for your curtains. Not only does it bring out something groovy and fun, but it also gives your curtains a whole lot of symmetry.

Striped patterns can be horizontal or vertical, yet both also give your homes additional angles, so they can appear bigger and wider at the same time. We can provide you our Luther Striped Pattern Durable Chenille Material, Bangalore Striped Pattern Chenille Material all in colours that are perfect to be paired with each other. The fabrics are also very strong, and mostly rough-textured so you can enjoy having it for your homes without worrying about small dirt from ruining your style. As you might not know, textured and rough fabrics hide small dirt neatly, so you can appreciate its convenience all year round. 

Luther striped fabric

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Patterned fabrics from the Yorkshire Fabric Shop are meticulously picked to suit your style. Aside from the thick and durable fabrics, you can enjoy hanging it in your homes so it can appear beautiful and more livelier for days. You can always choose the style and material for your fabrics, to give you a more personalised and artistic touch that you can always appreciate. 

Make your homes more alive through the different patterns brought by the Yorkshire Fabric Shop!


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