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What pattern should I use for my chair cushion?

As patterns and designs are now incorporated with almost everything nowadays, our decorative ornaments are in our houses. Choosing the right design is a huge task, especially when you want to put only the best for your homes. The most appropriate pattern designs in your home not only creates the artistic side of your interiors but it speaks volumes of how you can bring out only the best for your home.

Just like curtains, cushions can also be an added decoration to your house. Apart from them being a good addition to your chairs to make them more comfortable, cushions are also a way to make a striking statement inside houses. Perhaps you only thought of it as something unnecessary, but mind that it's an important part both in a practical and decorative sense.

Colours are good for your cushions, but patterns are too. Having patterns for your cushion covers provide an artistic scheme to your homes regardless if you want to go minimal or not. Today, most patterned fabrics are not too rowdy, to provide both a calm and a creative look to your cushion covers. This also gives your interiors more life, preventing them from looking plain, bland, and boring. Thus, patterned cushion covers can now be used anywhere inside or outside homes, and fit perfectly to your home depending on how well you choose your fabrics. 

CTR-66-Cushion Bright colour Patchwork Patterned Upholstery FabricJO-1140-Cushion Jungle Leaf Floral Patterned Upholstery Fabric


Colour and pattern choices

Choosing the fabric types in upholstery provides homeowners unlimited choices with textures, colours, and patterns. Every specific design is catered to match the desired decorative interior that you like. As fabrics are now readily available at trusted fabric stores, you can have the cushion fabrics that you want. Nonetheless, you always have the choice to decide what fabrics to buy; you can have bold and striking designs for a creative set-up, or you can have plain colours for a more minimal atmosphere. Either way, you always have the choice and your fabrics will always be available no matter what.


Brocade is a richly decorative fabric made of patterns in silk or gold, bringing out an expensive and elegant look to your cushion covers. The embossed patterns of brocade are something that homeowners like, even starting from the middle ages of England. Brocade has a smooth and velvet touch, making your cushions look sophisticated through time.


Carnival Jungle Theme Pattern Printed Velveteen Black Pink Purple Colour Upholstery Curtains Fabri

Cushion fabrics in floral are also best for homes with a minimal atmosphere. The floral designs are paint-like and provide an easy feeling to homeowners while still making it look artistic to your interiors. Floral fabrics realistic abstract coincides with the blooming feeling, making it best for people who want a pure and striking look to their homes.


Perhaps almost the same with brocade, Jacquard cushion covers also have an embroidered and decorative design. The only difference between brocade and Jacquard is the former comes with shining colours like gold and silk, while the latter only has a uniform colour throughout. 

Animal prints

Ziani Bengal Tiger Striped Skin Animal Inspired Pattern Velvet In Orange Black Colour JO-592

For homes that have a lot of plants in them, you can choose from animal cushion cover prints. Animal prints are very much prominent nowadays, as it is likely sold at a cheap price in the fabric market. Also, animal prints create an exotic look to your homes, bringing out a jungle vibe to your interior. Moreover, it makes a fun and exciting atmosphere and pretty much goes with everything to make a statement to your rooms.

Polka dots

Polka Dot Fabric Upholstery JO-1146

If you want something funky, you can opt to purchase polka dot fabrics for your cushions covers. Polka dots may seem out of style, but it brings out a 90s vibe for a more classic and iconic cushion. Yet, it is important to remember to only choose neutral colours for this, as having very bright colours would strike the eyes too much.


This fabric pattern may not be familiar to you, but it's definitely seen almost everywhere for the most usual cushion covers. The interlocking S-shaped patterns bring out boho vibes to homeowners while still making it clean and appear nicely. The patterned fabric can also be incorporated with other curved shapes and are likely to be placed in living rooms for a more minimal and stylish look.


Jo-200 Striped Cushion

For those who like overlapping lines for their cushions covers, they can have striped patterns. Stripes are also a classic that should not be estimated; it defines the shape of your cushion for a better depth and a classic design for their cushion covers. You can choose from thin and thick lines of stripes, depending on your preference.


A fabric that shows the wonders of nature, chinoiserie fabrics elaborate scenes of florals, animals, and even pagodas. It's a romanticised print to bring out a sense of sophistication and a decorative statement for your cushion covers. Chinoiserie is also for those who love nature as it recreates natural scenes known in nature.


Advantages of fabrics for cushions

Cushions have been universally made and experimented with over time. Some may have leather covers on them, and some may have fabric covers. Nonetheless, both are still good for your cushions, most especially that it serves as a protective and decorative shell for them. Yet, fabrics are still deemed the most preferred one, because of their practical abilities.

First, fabric covers provide comfort to your chairs. The softness and warmth of the fabric make anyone feel calmed and secured as it can also give us relaxation to lay all those stresses away. Secondly, it is very easy to care for fabric cushions covers. It can be washed up, and may not need vacuum cleaning anymore. This saves time for homeowners as they can already toss around the fabric and just leave it cleaned in no time. Lastly, fabric cushion covers are always available at fabric shops so you don't have to worry about running out of stock anymore. You'll also get to have the widest choices of fabric variety and design that you would love to have at your homes.

Just remember that you can always have a patterned cushion cover to have an artistic side of your seemingly boring couch!

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