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What is your favorite home decor trend?

Choosing a favourite decor trend among hundreds of choices is quite a challenge. There are a lot of options to choose from that may help you in different ways. You can choose from the most minimalist to the floral decors, depending on what you prefer.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop has compiled various kinds of trends in decor from all over the world because we know how hard it is to find the right one. We make sure that there are some suggestions on our list that you would love whether you enjoy trends or generally go to great lengths to get them.

Decor Trends With Yorkshire Fabric Shop


There are so many vintage-inspired decors to choose from, such as retro-vintage, vintage chic, Industrial vintage, and eclectic vintage. Depending on your personal preferences, mixing these types can be done separately.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop recommends that you use traditional furniture, old-fashioned furniture that is round shape with neutral colours, old gold, rosewood, and mostly broken goals. 


Bohemian Accents

One of our favourite home décor trends is the Bohemian-inspired style, no hassle when combining plain furnishing fabrics, finishes, and silhouettes that creates an eclectic and serene interior design look with a focus on sustainably sourced and natural materials.

If you prefer this style, we suggest you use all-natural materials to make an earthly feel in any space. For furniture, you can opt for something that can complement the whole accents.


High-Contrast Decor

Why do you think high-contrast is good? 

Nothing is more disappointing than an interior that feels too "flat," and a foolproof way to ensure that it will not happen is to add contrast to your room. Just make sure to change your tones and textures for a look that looks packed, whether you go for neutrals or jewel tones.

Contrast is easily accomplished in your colour palette by contrasts, but don't underestimate the influence of various textures and materials. Try incorporating parts that look distinctly different from the next to push your high-contrast decor home.


Patina Accents

Patina is an important aspect of tradition, ages, and character, whether it's on a wooden sleeper, a metal accent table, or a leather sofa. It seeks to break down the challenges that can come from the unknown and allows you and your guests to feel relaxed and right at home instead.

Patina is an umbrella term for surface ageing; tarnish is one of the forms referred to as patina. It creates a worn-out effect, just like rusticity.


Flower and Plants

It is always warmer and lively to see indoor plants in your home. Another home decor that is widely acknowledged is the use of houseplants, dried flowers, and even floral patterns. When you're not ready to commit entirely, there are plenty of stick-on options.

It not only adds colour and liveliness, but floral arrangements and potted plants are also perfect for infusing natural beauty and earthy charm into a room. It is a good choice for powder bathrooms and foyers.


Farmhouse Style

It is characterised by the inclusion of neutral cream tones and bold brightening shades of wood and steel. It's a familiar and relaxed look that has become popular as a trendy family style. 

If you’re into modern and rustic, then you don’t need to worry because farmhouse style walks a fine line between the two. You can still use your valuable antiques at the same time those store-bought finds of yours.


Transitional Style

While it sounds ambiguous, the transitional home-style decor is a pointed and strategic design strategy that combines the conventional with the contemporary. Designers sometimes use the term "transitional design" to describe the meshing of modern and traditional elements in a room, effectively merging two styles in one space, resulting in a coherent design.

A couch or chair that combines a traditional clean structure with a rich and modern fabric or finish is a common transitional-style piece.



The minimalist style of decoration is an exercise in restrictions, where space, lighting, and objects play similarly important roles. It allows you to pair your furniture down to the bare essentials so that you'll have a collection of selected items that offer maximum impact.

In minimalist houses, light colours such as white along with elegant neutrals, barely-there greys, and pastels are inherent. Although you can add bright colours, we recommend you stick to one or two and limit the dose. To build a well-lit space, the image above uses shades of beige and white. 

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Industrial Style

A style of decorating that keeps becoming more common is soft, masculine, and sexy, industrial chic. The industrial style combines functional architecture with worn textures and natural, aged forest warmth.

Simplicity is the secret to creating a no-frills industrial style appearance. Avoid excess furniture and accessories and only maintain what is needed. In the mixture of textures and patina, there will be interest and depth in the room. 

Bear in mind that whatever you think is your favourite home decor, you need to make sure to prioritise comfort over style. It is better to live in a house that, more than anything else, gives you solace.


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