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What is upholstery and how do you choose the best fabric for your sofa

Upholstery covers seating that also includes padding, springs, webbing, and fabric or leather covers that make up most of our furniture at home. It is widely seen and used even in hotels, automobiles, and practically anywhere with lounges and seats. 

Upholstery Tools When Working With Fabrics & Sofas

Traditional upholstery uses various materials like coil springs, animal hair and is done by hand, as it continues to build each layer up. But mostly today, a wide array of choices and variety of synthetic materials are already available in the market such as springs and vinyl.

Choosing the Right Fabric For Your Sofa

Your home is your reflection, whatever furniture you have, or you choose, must suit who you are. With that, you should know what makes you comfortable; you should see the fabric of your upholstery. Over the years, materials for furniture have become a trendsetter. Choices can be fascinating, and there are over a hundred options to choose from, linen and wool are very famous for it's naturally made of strong fibre from animal hair that provides comfort, texture, and durability.  Leather which is easy to clean and durable at the same time, and polyester velvet, microfibre known for its superb quality and price.

The Right Fabric with the Right Reasons

There are several considerations when choosing the right fabric. Expert says that your choice is a matter of who you are living with, depends if you are living alone or living with pets and kids. It will be hard to maintain an expensive silk velvet if you have kids and pets around, this will be harder for you to clean as they play around every day.

Your upholstery in high-traffic parts of your home, like family and living rooms, will need durable fabrics, while furniture from the kitchen or pieces in your bedroom settee or headboard, may wear any textile or fabric you may opt to choose to suit your choice. 

Fabric over the Years

Lifespan has always been neglected in choosing the right fabric for your upholstery. You may always ask the salesperson how would it look after several years, as leather may react to a different temperature, for

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are a protection to your investment. In selecting your pieces, you may consider the way it is maintained, how to properly clean, and take care of the fabric as this may affect the look of
your furniture over the years.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of every furniture is another consideration when choosing your fabric. Patterns and textures may look good as a whole, but there are different directions and cuts with patterns that may not complement your little space or unproportioned to its shape. It is always safer to choose bold and solid coloured fabrics as it will be easier to be upholstered and easier to blend with the other furnishings in your room.

You can always choose striking colours to create pieces with accents, but if you want curves, patterns, and textures, you will need to exhaust the proper colours, directions, and shapes that will match your room furnishings as well.

Feel The Vibe

If your buying readymade upholstered furniture, feel the vibe of the fabric by actually sitting down on it, you can always ask the type of fabric used, other colours and styles. However, if you are considering a custom made furniture, you can always choose from a wide range of colours and patterns that will suit your style, one that will make you feel your vibe and provide the same way of comfort.

Your Upholstery, Your Choice

As you go along in choosing your furniture, be it readymade or custom made, make your choice unique by incorporating yourself to your upholsteries, choosing the colours that will make your eyes comfortable
whilst looking at it, selecting the style that matches your home colours, and lastly choose that one fabric that will always make you look forward to going home because of the comfort and warmth it provides you.

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