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What is the proper way to hang curtains?

There is always something special in having curtains in our room. It also never fails to provide warmth and comfort to us as it adds beauty and elegance to any area.

Along with the vibrant colours and designs, what makes curtains stand out is how it's being hanged in our windows. Curtain fabric professionals from The Yorkshire Fabric Shop encourage maximizing these incredible benefits by knowing the proper ways of hanging curtains.

The Do's in Hanging Curtains

Do maximize the fabric.
To get the most of the curtains, always use enough fabrics that would cover the entire window. For instance, if you prefer to close the curtains on particular occasions, the idea is that the curtains should measure between two and 2.5 times the actual window's width.

Do hang it high.
Most of the windows appear higher because of its high curtain rod. So to achieve upper windows, fix its curtain rods closer to the ceiling instead of putting it right on top of the window. After all, the general rule in installing curtain rods is it should be 4-6 inches above the window frame.

Selecting Curtains Fabrics

Do select the right fabrics.
Ideally, one consideration in choosing the appropriate fabrics is which room or area will it be placed. As different rooms have different moods and functions, curtains always have the power to emphasize it. 

Lighter blends like linen bring casual and breezy ambience in the area, while heavier fabrics like velvet bring more formality and ensure better privacy. 

Denser materials work better for drafty windows, while lighter blends are great in living rooms for a more vibrant mood.

Do consider using a template.
Simple templates help you ensure that the curtains rods are hanged on the same height as every window. All you need are some couple pieces of a board to create a template that could save your windows from crooked curtain rods.

Some Don'ts in Hanging Curtains

Meanwhile, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop discourages doing the following when you hang your curtains:

Do not go too narrow.
A narrowed curtain rod will not allow sufficient space for the panels to be hanged well on either side of the window. If the curtain rod is wider than the window's width area, it will create an impression that the window looks more extensive and wider than its actual size.

Do not go for too short.
Most of the time, shorter curtains are only applicable in kitchen areas. Also, not unless you prefer to use café-style curtains, another general rule in curtains is that it always falls smoothly to the floor. If you do not want curtains that get dragged and get dirty, a few inches can still do well.

Are you looking for unique curtain fabrics that stand out? Then it's time that you head on to The Yorkshire Fabric Shop and see for yourselves our various fabrics you can choose. From plain vibrant colours to exciting shapes and designs, our fabric store can surely give you the curtain you've always wanted to have!


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