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What is the name of the curtains at the back of the stage?

Most of us think that curtains in stages are just like the curtains we have at our homes. Unlike these fabrics, stage curtains aren't only to cover what's inside the background. Various parts of stage curtains play respective roles too. 

Stage Curtains Info At Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Types of Stage Curtains 

As a fabric expert, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop explains the various types of curtains that are present on stages. 

Front Curtain 
This is the stage curtain that is exposed to the audience. This is the curtain that is closed and opened in front of the spectators every time the show or performance either starts or ends. It is known for various terms- main curtain, house curtain, and act curtain.

Also called the front or great teaser, the valence is the stage curtain that is hanged in front of the front curtains. One distinct feature of this part is that it is filled with monograms, fringes, and emblems. There is an instance that it is tacked or stapled to the back portion of the proscenium walls. 

Back and Side Curtains 
This pertains to every curtain that can be found behind the front curtain. These are made from various styles, which vary from simple design curtains that can cover the whole acting area, up to those types that can surround the other stage areas like the borders, travellers, legs, and backdrops. 

Also called sky valence and sky borders, borders are the shortest stage curtains. These serve as "teasers" that blocks the audience's view of the stage rigging and lighting. 

These stage curtain parts are situated parallel to the front stage curtains. These side curtains block the spectator's view on everything that's going on to the side of the stage. 

This is the "most magical" of all the stage curtain. When it receives light upfront, it looks opaque. Meanwhile, when it is lighted at the back, it looks translucent and can be seen through. This is possible because scrims are curtains that are open net. 

Backdrops: Behind the Stage Curtains 

Backdrops are the broad plain or printed curtains found at the backstage. Nowadays, backdrops are not only for stage purposes, as these also pertain to all kinds of rear curtains of every event or performance. From its sense of blocking the happenings backstage to the eyes of spectators, backdrops are now shining as another essential part of stage decorations. 

Kinds of Backdrops 

Standard Fabric Backdrops 
These backdrops are usually made of wide muslins, cotton, or canvas that can be used as cyclorama backdrops. These types ensure even light distribution and suitable for projecting images and some lighting effects.

Painted Backdrops 
These are backdrops that are customized, in which artists paint sceneries or artworks. Unlike the standard types, fabrics of these backdrops are heavier because it is made with canvas materials. 

Printed Backdrops 
These backdrops are for those looking for durable drape and with more detailed designs and styles. Printed backdrops are made from various materials like PVC, polyesters, and other fabrics that are perfect both for indoor and outdoor uses. 

Structured Backdrops 
Meanwhile, structured backdrops have crispier details than the printed ones because it is made from 3- D components. These backdrop curtains guarantee more depth to the stage since it can also capture light almost entirely. With this, anyone can indeed achieve the most amazing backgrounds for any event and performance. 

Stage Curtains At Yorkshire Fabric Shop Retailer

Deciding the best stage backdrop and even other kinds of stage curtains are always overwhelming. Unlike other curtains, stage curtains need careful decisions and choices to reach the expectations of the audience. This guide of stage curtain fabrics by Yorkshire Fabric Shop can be a great help in getting the best backdrop for any occasion anytime, anywhere. 


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