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What Is The Most Comfortable Cushion To Buy?

Cushions are the epitome of comfort. It  stands to reason that  when you are buying cushions you want to make the most of their main feature and ensure that they are the most comfortable cushion you can buy.

Cushions come in many shapes and sizes. They are versatile and uses range from seat cushions to a purely decorative function. Depending upon how you will be using your cushions depends on what the most comfortable cushion will be.

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Seat Cushions

For seat cushions your comfort is unnegotiable, who wants a sofa that is uncomfortable to sit on? There are many fillings that make a seat cushion comfortable and functional.



The firmest filling you can choose is foam. Used frequently in upholstery that has clean lines like Scandinavian style sofas or those with a wing back that require a firm filling that will keep its shape.

Even with regular use a foam filled cushion will be comfortable and spring back to its original shape keeping it looking its best.



A sofa cushion filled with fibre is an excellent choice for those you desire a sumptuous soft seat but are allergic to feather or down. Fibre can be made in varying degrees of softness. Blown fibre is incredibly soft and you will sink into your seat with a comfort level guaranteed to allow you to relax. However, you will find seating prints are left and regular plumping is essential. Pocket fibres are more bouncy, therefore hold their shape for longer.


Feather or Down

Feather and down is the most comfortable cushion filling out there, however it does have a tendency to sink. It is not suitable for all seating types.

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The upholstery of the cushion is equally as important when considering your comfort. For seat cushions a tactile, hard wearing fabric is essential. We recommend a fabric that scores highly on a rub test, 30,000 or over, to ensure both your comfort and longevity of your seat cushions.


Throw Cushions

Throw cushions, scatter cushions, whatever you refer to them as they are the finishing touch to any seating and offer an extra level of comfort. The most comfortable cushion filling you can choose is feather or down. Since you don’t have to worry about the cushions keeping their shape like with a seat cushion, feathers and down are sumptuous and soft. They can be shaped and mould to your body when resting on them. Fibre and down alternatives such as blown fibre are a good option for allergy sufferers.

The fabric you choose for your cushions is really down to personal choice. Whether you prefer a soft fur, a light cotton, chenille, velvet or tapestry with the right filling your cushion will envelop you in comfort. You need to be less concerned with rub tests as these cushions will see much less direct use than a seat cushion, however, look for a high quality, durable fabric that is going to look good and feel great for a long time.


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