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What is the coolest fabric for upholstery?

You don’t need to be second-guessing about what is the coolest fabric for upholstery. Picking the wrong material and you’ll find yourself fighting with heat and sweats. For that reason, before you pick your new upholstery fabric, read on to find out or simply drop-by at Yorkshire Fabric Shop so we could lend you a diverse cool selection to choose from.

Linen Makes A Cool Material

The breathability of fabric depends on its structure and weight, tighter knits or weaves make less breathable fabrics, whereas more open knits or looser weaves will be more breathable. The thinner materials and finer yarns also affect breathability, for a swift non-scientific assessment, hold a piece of fabric up and see how much light passes through it, the more light suggests extra breathability of the textile.

Cotton is available in an incredible variety of textile fabrics for your upholstery because of its softness, durability, breathability, and easy to maintain. Though it absorbs moisture, the sense of sitting in furniture covered with this cloth would certainly be worthwhile. It’s like relaxing with your best summer shirt in the middle of a warm breeze.

Linen is ideal for warm weather; the texture of this fabric is highly breathable. This textile is very tough and stress-free to care for. Linen natural fibres are large that features more open weaves that yields excellent breathability. However like cotton, it absorbs moisture and does not dry quickly. But it will surely serve you well during those sizzling outdoor afternoons.

Wool is often used for winter but it can also be a good summer textile. The early generations of wool were scratchy; nonetheless today’s wools are already pretty soft. This material breathes well, wicks moisture and doesn’t retain odours as synthetic fabrics do. Wool may be less durable than cotton, nylons and polyesters but it makes a good competitor as a cool upholstery fabric.

Choose Wool For A Cool Fabric

Rayon is a plant-based fabric processed to mimic silk and can be blended with other kinds of materials. Moderately breathable dries quickly and has a silky feel but more economical than silk. On the other hand, rayon does not wick moisture as well as synthetic textiles and it wrinkles easily. Still, it would be a great substitute for silk.

Silk is luxuriously soft, lightweight and breathable. This material is expensive but the class it brings to upholstery is royalty. Despite being quite durable, woven silk is very delicate. If you have pets in the house, it would be very practical and wise to keep silky sofa away from their reach.

Let your practical needs lead you for the suitable common warm-weather fabrics or just visit Yorkshire Fabric Shop to have a delightful verdict on this matter. We also have extensive choices of blended fabric that achieve a significant difference in performance and features. There is more to remaining cool than having breathable textile, a little thoroughness will help you elude a big shock once the materials arrive.

Here you could try the feel of the textiles yourself before you buy and use it for your coolest upholstery.


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