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What is the best velvet for upholstery?

Velvet is best known as the smooth fabric that gives off a luxurious vibe. With its shiny or matte variety, it can pull off your desired mood for curtains and furniture. Velvet is one of the best upholstery fabrics out there. It is super soft and plush while also being thick, durable, and stylish.

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Earlier, velvets are mainly made of silk. Then, other natural fibres like cotton and wool came into the picture. At present, manufacturers also use synthetic fabrics like polyester to make velvet. Hence, there are several velvet types to choose from when buying upholstery fabrics.

Silk velvet is the best velvet for upholstery. It is a lightweight, high-quality material with an excellent drape and a sleek finish. It is the rarest and most expensive velvet type. At one time, royalty were the only ones who can afford it. Silk velvet is among the costliest fabrics ever created.

As you could expect from a delicate material, it requires careful and infrequent use. It catches stains and dust easily. Also, it should stay away from direct sun exposure.

Rayon velvet is another great upholstery fabric. It gives you a gorgeous drape similar to silk velvet, at a more affordable price. Rayon velvet is lush, soft, sheen, and light. Further, it is easier to maintain.

Mohair velvet is a hardwearing material: it can hold up against frequent use as well as dirt and stain. It is the most low-maintenance velvet upholstery fabric. Further, it is resistant to flame, moisture, and crease. It is a rich and resilient textile made from the wool type fur of Angora goats.

Mohair velvet takes dye really well, allowing you to choose from strong colour palettes. However, it is not as lustrous as the other velvet types. This fabric has excellent insulating properties. Further, it used not only for home drapery but also for hotel, theatre, and commercial decors.

If you love the matte look on your couches and cushions, linen velvet is the right one for you. It absorbs dye excellently, giving it a deep, rich colour. Also, it is a cool material that suits the warm weather.

Linen velvet may look rugged because manufacturers use a varying thickness of yarns. Also, its short pile makes it prone to brushing. Nevertheless, linen velvet is a soft, dense, and durable upholstery fabric.

Synthetic velvet is another option you can go for. Most synthetic velvets are made of polyester, viscose, and nylon. As mentioned, velvets are originally made of pure silk. However, more and more producers blend silk with other synthetic fibres to make the fabric less costly. The combination of viscose and silk makes a very soft and shiny upholstery fabric.

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