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What is the best fabric for my upholstery project?

There is no hard and fast rule to choosing fabric for your upholstery project. It will depend upon many factors such as whether it is a domestic or commercial project. What the fabric will be used for and of course personal style.

Here we will go through a few of the factors that you may want to think about when you are choosing fabric for your upholstery project.

Perfect Fabrics For Commercial Or Domestic Upholstery Interiors

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Commercial Projects

When the fabric will be used in a commercial setting, such as in a hospitality setting, it has to be safe. Contract Crib 5 ensures that any upholstery used in hospitality adheres to the strict UK Fire Regulations Act 1988. The rigorous testing proves that the fabric resists ignition, greatly reducing the risk of fire. Our full range of fabric can be treated in order to be Crib 5 compliant. Any fabric to be used in a contract setting must pass the test.

A commercial project will face a more arduous environment than a domestic project. With this in mind you will want to consider hard wearing fabrics. A contract fabric will undergo the double rub test. This is a manufacturer administered test, it is designed to imitate the wear and tear of people sitting on a seat over a period of time. The higher the number of double rubs the higher the durability and suitability for a heavily used area like a bar or restaurant.

All of our fabric has a choice of treatments available such as soils and stain protection and waterproof treatment to extend its life and protect against inevitable spills and mishaps.

As long as the fabric has the necessary treatment to make it contract compliant you can choose whatever fabric you like. The intended usage will determine the type of fabric that will work best for your upholstery project. For seating cushions, banquette seating and sofas a thick hard wearing fabric such as chenille, velvet or a strong basketweave is the best choice.

For cushions, curtains and decorative items that will ensure less direct use the world is your oyster. Take a look at our fabric finder for some inspiration to achieve a stunning look for your commercial upholstery project.


Domestic Projects

For a domestic project although fire safety is important, it is not essential for fabric to be of Crib 5 standard. You can still opt for a fire retardant treatment for peace of mind. 

Similar to a commercial upholstery project you will want to consider how heavy the usage will be and choose your fabric accordingly. Whether you have pets and children will affect your choice of fabric as you will want it to look as good as new for a long time. Good fabrics to choose for a high use area are velvet, chenille, heavy weaves and velour. It is always recommended that a fabric protection is added to whichever fabric you choose in order to extend its life and make cleaning the inevitable spills and stains much easier. 

Again cushions, and decorative furniture cushions can enjoy a more delicate fabric. Colours, patterns, textures and fabric types are no concern with our huge range all with additional treatments available. You are sure to find the best fabric for your upholstery project, commercial or domestic.


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