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What is the best curtain fabric for winter?

Curtains are not only for aesthetic and beautification purposes but also for addressing other needs of the people inside the house, such as blocking winter chills from entering your homes.

There are various styles of curtain fabrics used for particular purposes, and it is one of the main things to remember before buying the fabric of your curtain. Heavy curtains are best to eliminate the cold from entering.

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop lists the best fabric for winter to help you with your dilemma because we know how hard it is to search for the best fabric. Here are some of the most suitable choices for you.

Whats The Best Fabric For Curtains In Winter


Chenille fabric may consist of cotton, silk, rayon, or wool. It's a multi-faceted dual fabric which uses as both a curtain and an upholstery fabric. In particular, if used for full-length curtains, it makes a great curtain fabric.

It is necessary to ensure that the fabric all goes in the same direction when working with it. It has a feel like velvet and fits very well when used with a matching fabric. Pick cotton chenille, a material that holds everything and anything comfortable. Chenille is also excellent for retaining heat in acrylic, not to mention being resistant to stains and wrinkles.



A viable option between nylon and thicker, natural fabrics is polyester. There can be tight weaves in polyester blends, but it is very lightweight. Polyester curtains do not appear to fade the way other natural fabrics do, and they are typically machine washable.

This fabric is ideal for curtains in bedrooms or living rooms. However, as the material is flammable, you should avoid outfitting your kitchen with polyester curtains. It can also absorb odours and restricts air circulation.

To make them thicker, block out even more light, and keep the cold from entering your house, you can line them out, and they are also usually very stain resistant.

Polyester curtains are affordable in a wide variety of colours, designs, and styles. If you have young children or windows in high-traffic areas, consider using a darker curtain colour because it can be challenging to remove stains from polyester fabric.



Velvet is a thick fabric that locks the cold out, making these window treatments perfect insulators for draught window homes. Velvet fabric for curtains offer extra protection due to their thickness and help to block sounds and light.

It also drapes well, so this style offers a polished look that dresses up formal dining rooms, typically styled living rooms, or master bedrooms. 

In a traditionally styled home or a space with high ceilings, Velvet is ideally suiting as they make a bold statement. Colours like deep red, navy, or dark green will give any room a cosy, but a luxurious feeling. The soft nature of the fabric, which makes it warm even in pale colours.

Green Velvet Fabric For Curtains


Cotton fabrics easily complement many modern and traditional types of interior design with their clean look. A sheer cotton curtain, on the other hand, will give a light, airy feel to the interior.

Cotton is very flexible and available in various degrees of thickness. Choose cotton curtains with a tighter fabric or add a liner to cover the material if you want to keep out the cold or keep the colour from fading as quickly in the sun.

It's affordable and easy to take care of, but if you pick a bright colour or hang the curtains in a room that absorbs a lot of natural light, then the colours might fade.



It is common to use wool fabric for your curtains for winter because it is thick and heavy, and is the best fabric for cold weather. The downside of wool curtains is that they are very thick, and it isn't easy to wash them.

It is often used for making sweaters, carpets, curtains, etc. Wool and cotton have vied for dominance over the years as the world's most used textiles.



Flannel does not produce a nice collection of curtains on its own, but if you want thermal curtains, it is great to use. To build a layer of isolation to keep your home warm in the winter, sew the flannel between the exterior curtain fabric and the lining fabric.



Mohair is made from a special fibre that makes it a perfect fabric for winter. Due to its many advantageous features, Mohair fabric is a common choice for home decorating. It comes with a luxurious texture that is excellent for styling in winter.  

It brings a unique feeling to the interior of your home while still offering a sense of comfort within your home. You can use mohair fabric in a variety of ways, but the most common choice is to use it for upholstery. When used for winter decorating, another great feature of mohair fabric is that it has an insulating effect. 

Visit Yorkshire Fabric Shop For Your Winter Curtain Needs

For the winter, you have to be strategic with the choice of fabric to make sure your sofa and couch stay warm during the cold season. Using the right fabrics such as blackout curtain material (read our blog here about blackout curtains) for your curtains may ease a specific problem you are facing, such as preventing the cold from entering your house. For you to address that issue, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop is willing to assist you with your needs when you want made to measure curtains or simply fabric to make the curtains yourself.


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