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What is plain weave fabric used for?

Weave plays a major role in the durability and structure of a fabric. Plain weave (aka tabby weave, calico weave, or basic weave) is one of the common types of weave, along with satin and twill weave. Also, it is the simplest compared to the other two.

Plain Weave Fabric In Black Colour

You can recognize a plain weave by its perpendicular pattern. Its fibres go over and under one another. This weave resembles a checkerboard or a woven basket.

Plain weave is typically used for clothing and furnishing fabrics. It provides a structured look to suits, shirts, and furniture.

Business shirts, button-ups, and other less drapey garments have a plain weave. Likewise, suits, blazers, and trench coats use this weave. These kinds of clothing do not need a soft drape against the body. Instead, they need a heavy and structured look. Further, manufacturers use a plain weave in making upholstery fabrics. These materials cover sofas, chairs, footstools, and more. Moreover, plain weave fabrics make a good cushion, curtain, or rug.

Advantages of Plain Weave 

Generally, plain weave fabrics are strong and long-lasting. They can resist pilling and retain their shape despite regular washing. Also, they are very structured. Plain weave fabrics are firm that they lack stretch. Hence, you can sew them easily without them puckering. 

Further, plain weave makes two identical sides on a fabric. Other weave types have a certain “right” or “wrong” side. The right side is the one meant to be shown while the wrong side is supposed to be hidden. Plain weave fabrics do not have a wrong side; they have an identical criss-cross pattern. 

Disadvantages of Plain Weave

Plain weave upholstery fabrics crease easily. Therefore, you need to iron them repeatedly to maintain its smooth appearance. Also, it is often coarse due to its firm strands. Further, plain weave fabrics are more costly than knitting. Weaving is often a more time-consuming procedure than knitting. Hence, woven fabrics or clothes are generally more costly than knitted ones. The Most Common Plain Weave Fabrics Chiffon is a thin and airy plain weave fabric. Fibres like silk, rayon, and nylon are its usual components.

Muslin is a cotton fabric known for making fashion prototypes. It has loose and plain weaves.

Buckram is a rough and rigid material. Its plain weave can be tight or loose. Buckram fabric is often used in baseball caps.

Organdy is a thin, crisp, and semi-transparent fabric. It is made from cotton fibres. Usually, organdy is used in lining evening wears, bridal gowns, and curtains.

Velvet is a piece of luxurious upholstery fabric. It is known for its shine and softness. It is made on a special loom that produces two velvet cloth at the same time. This material can be woven into plain, satin or twill.

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