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What is clever velvet?

Velvet fabric is known for its smooth texture and elegant look. This material has an eye-catching lustre and a drape that highlights the shape of furniture. Velvet suits various décor styles from cosy to sophisticated.

Although many homeowners fancy velvet, some refuse to use it as an upholstery fabric. This is because it is known for being a high-maintenance material. For instance, it fades due to sun exposure, and it can be hard to clean. Also, it easily attracts pet hair and dust. Further, velvet absorbs liquid quickly. Hence, if it catches stains, you might need expert help if you do not know how to clean it properly.

Most velvet furniture needs weekly vacuuming, brushing, or steaming. Therefore, homes with little children often find it a poor choice for upholstery fabric.

For these very reasons, some brands come up with new techniques to make up for velvet’s disadvantages. For instance, clever velvet has been developed to be a stain-resistant fabric with the same soft feel and luxurious look as other velvets. 

Velvet Fabric For Furniture

It is specially made using smart fibres, designed to resist liquids, crushes, and marks. Also, it is easy to clean by wiping or brushing.

Clever velvet gives you the beauty of velvet without the fear of it getting damaged too soon. However, it is not very shiny, unlike the usual velvet fabric. You can choose from its regular variant that has a faded sheen or its matt variant.

Traditional velvet is made from silk or cotton. These velvet types gather inevitable marks due to everyday use. Velvet can also come from synthetic fibres like acetate and polyester. Synthetic velvet is similar to clever velvet in terms of being durable and resistant to spills and marks.

Clever velvet is a wise choice for homes with babies or pets. It aims to solve the worries associated with the traditional velvet fabric. With clever velvet furniture, spillage will be one less problem. Indeed, it is an excellent fabric for sofas, cushions, and footstools.

Clever velvet is an ideal material for durable and stylish décors. Just like any other upholstery fabric, it is available in various colours that will suit different interiors.

In the end, all types of velvet are gorgeous. They are elegant-looking, and they give the furniture a nice drape. Not to mention that they are perfect for snuggling due to their soft and warm texture. Although velvet fabric is known for being high-maintenance, it can last long with proper care. Also, more and more manufacturers of fabrics are developing hardwearing velvets that can withstand everything that life throws at it.

Although silk velvet is the most desired velvet fabric, it is expensive and rare. Hence, consumers on a budget can opt for other velvet types that are equally beautiful, like corduroy and velveteen. Read our blog on "why is velvet expensive".

Yorkshire Fabric Shop has various velvets ready to be delivered to your home. We offer styles in plain, floral, geometric, striped, and more. We can now treat fabrics to be water repellent as well as stain repellent so you can still choose from the 100's of velvet fabrics we have. Visit our website to see our velvet collection perfect for your next upholstery project.

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