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What fabric should you use to make curtains?

When you enter a house or establishment, the first thing you notice is the curtain. Curtains can make or break a room. Curtains have an incomparable appeal.

Sometimes, a simple room can look elegant because of the curtains. Even if you have a simple wall paint, curtains can transform your room drastically.

In buying the right curtain, keep in mind that curtains are your room's focal point, so use a material that suits your needs. Put in mind that curtains are the focal point of your room, so use a material that suits your needs.

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If you’re wondering what material you should use to make your new made to measure curtains, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop listed down some fabrics you can look into.

It’s impossible to see a curtain fabric list without cotton. Cotton has varying designs, colours, and textures. If you want to be practical with your fabric choice, cotton is a fantastic option. It’s easy to maintain and durable.

Velvet never runs out of fashion. This fabric is known for its luxurious look and elegance. Since velvet curtains are thick and heavy, it’s an excellent sound and light insulator.

Velvet suits in larger windows and it works well for formal and informal settings. You can use this fabric in your bedroom, living room, dining room, and other areas.

This fabric material is one of the most expensive materials in the market. On the other hand, synthetic versions come at affordable prices.

Lace is commonly used in beach houses. You can also use this fabric in the bathrooms and dining rooms. Lace is created from natural or artificial materials. This fabric gives a soft and romantic touch to the place.

If you prefer a fabric that is light and soft, voile is an excellent choice. It allows light and offers privacy at the same time. Voile can be created from cotton, silk, rayon, or polyester. Using voile with blackout-lined curtains work well in bedrooms.

Silk is one of the most desired fabric curtains. It’s soft and rich in colour. Natural silk is expensive, but you may choose the synthetic versions.
This fabric is available in many patterns, shades, and textures.

Linen is one of the most robust curtain fabrics. The texture of linen may be smooth or coarse. Natural linen is popular in English and French interiors. While natural linen can be expensive, humanmade linen is cheaper. 

Remember to pick a top-grade fabric if your window receives lots of light. Also, invest in the best material you can afford.

Once you’re inside your favourite fabric shop, you set plenty of time to touch and screen the different fabrics. The texture, style, colour, and quality are all essential factors when buying curtain fabrics.

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If you’re looking for curtain fabrics, purchasing from the Yorkshire Fabric Shop is the best decision you’ll make. We have lots of high-grade fabric in our collection.

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