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What fabric should I use for my cushions?

Cushions are greatly used in most homes. Aside from its supported plushness and comfortable feel, cushions deliver homeowners a creative touch to make their chairs lively and beautiful. As cushions tend to be used every day in our homes, it must be considered to only use fabrics that can withstand heavy usage for a more convenient and practical advantage.

If you’re looking for the best fabrics for your cushions, then you’re in the right place. Many fabric stores tend to sell fabrics that are only artistic but do not hold the highest quality. However, at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we assert that our fabrics go through many rub tests so you can have the cushion cover that is durable to be used daily. Apart from this, we also make sure that you can choose from different colours, patterns, and designs so it can go well with your interiors; we always want the best for you.

Furthermore, when you choose the right fabrics for your cushion, it is not only necessary to buy them in the design and colour that you like; you must also be able to determine what is a strong fabric and what’s not, to prevent you from buying covers over and over again when it pills and wears off eventually. Thus, apart from the design, you must also check its quality and durability, so you will know how authentic your cushion covers are. 

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Here are our available fabrics for your cushions:

Cotton and Linen

Cotton's prominent availability makes it great for every home and cushion needs. It's also a cool fabric, which makes it even more comfortable to use indoors, even at home, or in your office. Still, cotton must only be used indoors as it tends to pill off easily when in direct contact with water. Yet, many innovations on cotton have made it durable and resistant to wearing off; mixes of cotton and synthetic fabrics are now very durable, and even comfortable so you can enjoy using it every day. Consequently, linen is considered a fabric that is antimicrobial, unlikely to pill, and more mildew-resistant for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It is also lightweight and is very resistant to heat for your outdoor cushions necessities. 


Nylon and Polyester

Nylon and polyester are made from synthetic fibres for your everyday cushion essentials. The fibres are usually hard-wearing so it can be used well in areas where it is used immensely. They can be used outdoors because it is resistant to heat and does not easily get damaged by too much sunlight. Moreover, it cannot be stretched easily, providing you a firm hold for your cushions and they do not wrinkle after thousands of uses. 



One of the strongest fabrics out there, canvas is a great choice for any cushion cover; both best used inside or outside your homes. Canvas is a hard-wearing fabric and can withstand extreme weather conditions like the scorching sun or the wetness after typhoons. It is basically preferred by anyone because it is waterproof, and also displays a great firm texture so it can fit perfectly for your cushion. Canvas can be perfectly paired with light colours, as it cannot hold darker shades long. You can even choose patchwork designs for your canvas to give it a creative touch.


Faux Silk

Faux silk is an elegant fabric that’s good for homes to bring coolness, boldness, and elegance to your interiors. It is best used indoors as it cannot withstand the heat that much. However, it’s very soft, silky, and feels like genuine silk. More so, faux silk is a very affordable fabric and also a durable one as it is made from both natural and synthetic fabrics. If you’re into matte, soft, and smooth textured throw pillows, then faux silk might be best for your cushion covers. Yet, one recommendation would be to buy them in neutral and darker colours, as it generally generates depth when you get to buy them in those shades. 



Velvet is one of the best cushion covers intended for your home. Its matte and firm texture is what anyone mostly desires and it is a very durable fabric as well. The tufted texture of velvet is from the mixes of natural and synthetic fibres, both working hand in hand to provide you with a cushion cover that’s breathable and strong. Velvet can come in different colours and designs too; whichever you like best. Though it may somehow be more expensive than any other fabrics you can find, it’s a good investment as you can get to use it even after years. Need we say more? 

Velvet Fabric By Yorkshire Fabric Shop


For a cozy feel for your cushion covers, you might as well try fabrics in wool for a more textured fabric that is also very comfortable and cool. This fabric is hypoallergenic, preventing your cushions from accumulating dust mites as it is used daily. Also, the textured surface is something you can just not get enough of, and it also dies not to crease easily. Want a fabric that feels like a sweater on cold days? Then wool must be on top of your list!


Yorkshire Fabric Shop’s Designs

You can order handmade cushions and cushion covers from our shop. We also help you decide on what fabric and design to buy, to assist you in bringing your whole interior more life. Aside from this, our cushion covers are also very durable, and you can even check our gallery for more information about the fabrics that you desire; from rub tests, fabric choices, and designs, you have the freedom to choose what you want inside your homes. We have designs in patchwork, geometric designs, stripes, and even cushion fabrics in varying colours so you can have a one-stop shop for all your fabric needs.

What are you waiting for? Bring your creativity home by choosing the perfect cushion covers for your cushion. Trust us, you’ll be amazed at how artistic your room would be when you bring out the best fabrics for your cushions.


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