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What Does Your Favourite Fabric Say About You

Fabric is a very personal choice, what appeals to one person will not appeal to another, and that is why we have such a passion for fabric! We love choosing unique fabrics to please all of our customers; we want to provide a fabric that perfectly suits your style, which is why we have hundreds to choose from. You can even try a few samples before making your decision! What is it about fabric that makes it so individual, and what does your favourite fabric say about your personality?

Geometric Patterns

Big, bold patterns imply that you are outgoing, you’re not afraid to celebrate colour and pattern in your home. You use patterns to showcase your personality. You enjoy adventure and love finding unusual accessories for your home, your style is one of a kind and you like to stand out from the crowd.

Your perfect fabric: Freedom Printed Velvet Fabric Collection – Teal Colour Geometric Pattern



A check pattern usually appeals to people that like structure and order, the style is quite rigid and everything has its place, you don’t like trinkets or things lying around. Your style is a lot more formal than someone that likes geometric patterns, you will probably display photo frames in a line, or regular pattern rather than randomly hanging them on the wall.

Your perfect fabric: Louise Scottish Inspired Tartan Design – Light Grey Colour



Stripes are perfect for creating a casual and relaxed style. People that don’t take life too seriously are drawn to stripes. They indicate that a person is decisive and that you have a playful side, but you’re not too wacky. If you are a lover of all things French or Nautical then you may embrace stripes.

Your perfect fabric: Enya Designer Soft Luxury Fabric – Cream Colour



As you can imagine, people that choose floral fabrics are people that love spending time outdoors or in the garden. You appreciate the wonder of nature and want to bring the beauty of outside into your home. Florals are a great choice for creating a romantic style.

Your perfect fabric: Art of Fabrics Damask Pattern Printed Velvet – Red Colour



The fabric choice for optimistic, happy-go-lucky individuals, spots allow you to show off your creative side, without becoming too overwhelming. Spots can represent your personality but not overpower a room, making them a great fabric for cushions or curtains.

Your perfect fabric: Elemental Collection Dotted Pattern – Grey White Colour



You’re a lover of all things vintage, someone that harks back to the “good old days” where things were much simpler. You’re an old soul living in a modern world; you are probably in touch with your spiritual side. Paisley patterns encompass all that you miss about days gone by.

Your perfect fabric: Colarto Collection – Purple Lilac Colour


Animal Print

Show off your wild side with your love of animal prints. You’re definitely an extrovert and not afraid to stand out in a crowd. Your style is not to everyone’s taste but that isn’t important to you. You’re fiery and adventurous.

Your perfect fabric: Soft Fur Skin Zebra – Black White Pattern


Whatever your personality, Yorkshire Fabric Shop have the perfect fabric to suit your style. Begin your search with our simple fabric finder, or visit our warehouse! Contact us on 01924 728 753, use our contact form or email


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