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What cushion patterns are available?

Since time immemorial, there have been a lot of cushion patterns and designs that can make your interiors more alive. From plain to striped and printed patterns, all are deemed very good to be used so your cushions can also be artistic and resonate with the wholeness of your interiors. At the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we give you the most beautiful patterns intended for your lovely home.


Colony Jungle Leaf

Our colony jungle leaf floral pattern is made out of velveteen fabric to ensure that your cushion covers are thick and smooth for your liking. It has various colours of leaves in deep shades printed on it so your cushion can appear bolder and artistic at the same time. The Colony Jungle Leaf pattern is a beautiful abstract art for your cushions.

Colony Jungle Leaf Cushion

Buy the Colony jungle leaf cushion here

Luther Striped Pattern Grey Silver Red

For those who love stripes for their cushions, you can buy this fabric for a striking and symmetrical look for your cushion covers. It has grey, silver, and red on it, more brought to life due to its rough texture brought by chenille fabric

Luther Cushion

Buy the Luther cushions here

Golden Yellow Colour Uniformed Geometric

This geometric pattern exceeds anyone’s expectation; its striking yellow fabric is good, especially on sunny days, as the fabric can reflect light and can appear gold during broad daylight. The circles and the fabric lines are both traditional and modern, so your cushions can have the best of both worlds.

JO-1300 Cushion

Buy this beautiful yellow velvet cushion here

Muted Tones Blues Beige Grey Colour Cubed Geometric Pattern

If you are more into muted tones and soft appearance for the colours of your cushion cover, then this fabric might be best for you. The blue, beige, and grey colour fit one another, with subtle squared patterns that look like a woven tartan. This fabric is also very smooth, soft, and breathable to be used as a cushion cover for all seasons.

Muted Velvet Toned Cushions

Buy this amazing muted toned colours cushions here

Red Cream Colour Medallion Patchwork Style Pattern

This fabric pattern is great for homes with a traditional look. The medallion patchwork is an iconic design, mostly used during the old ages. The cream colour is also paired evenly with the red colour of the medallion, so you can bring finesse and the class for your cushion covers. It’s also made from chenille fabric for a more textured touch for your cushion.

Medallion Pattern Red Cream Cushion

Buy this medallion cushion here


Soft Textured Velvet Floral Pattern

If you are more into the soft look with a little grunge on the side, the velvet floral pattern is perfect for you. The cool tones, paired with the soft shades of sea green, beige, and yellow, are patterned very well for a soft appearance for your cushion cover. Also, it’s made from velvet fabric - you know how plush it feels as you run your hands on it.


Blue Cream Colour Kilim Aztec Pattern

A culture-like design for your cushion cover, the Kilim Aztec Design is your go-to to reflect a cultural touch for your homes. Its design has Kilim patterns that are symmetrically placed with one another to bring life to your cushion cover. Additionally, the deep blue and cream colours are contrastingly paired perfectly, for a more appealing design that you could not just get enough of.

Cushion To Buy At Yorkshire Fabric Shop

But wait, there are still more with our cushion covers. You can browse from patchworks, stripes, and even polka dot patterns so you can bring more life to your cushion covers. However, remember to mix and match it with your sofa covers; designed fabrics are only good for plain sofa covers. 

Always mix and match your cushions so you can have a lively and tidier home!


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