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What colour should I choose for my made-to-measure curtains?

A made to measure curtain gives your decor more vibrancy and personality. They are personalised to suit your needs because they are sewn to the size of your preference. They also offer the conventional benefits all curtains do, such as blocking out sunlight and providing privacy, though they are better suited to provide these benefits because they are tailored to fit the size of your windows and cover them perfectly. When it comes to tailoring them, there are a variety of colours to choose from, so it can be a difficult decision to make. Many people might begin to worry when it comes to making this choice, however, we think it’s rather simple. We recommend considering what complements your home, looking at what fabric colours would match well with the colours of your home’s interior; for example, plain colours would pair well with homes that have a minimal theme. Additionally, deep-coloured curtains complement homes that have a very traditional and formal interior. Here’s a list of colours you could consider for your curtains.

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Plain Colours For Fabric

Plain coloured made-to-measure curtains can be perfectly paired with homes that have a minimal-themed interior. These fabric colours contribute to giving your home’s interior a neat and organised look, which is why they are quite popular amongst homeowners these days; they are efficient in both appearance and function. Made-to-measure curtains in beige, white, or pastel colours are ideal for those wanting plain colours to fit in with the minimal style they have for their home.

Darwin Linen Effect Style Flat Weave Material In Sapphire Blue Colour Upholstery Soft Furnishing Fabrics - Made To Measure Curtains

Deep Colours

For those who have a lavish and executive-looking home, deep colours pair well with this type of interior’s bold appearance. Deep colours also bring added benefits such as being extra efficient in blocking out more light; this also helps with personal privacy. These types of colours include ocean blue, sea green, or even blood red, all of which give a formal appearance. 

Opera Kilim Aztec Pattern Collection In Soft Chenille Red Colour Upholstery Fabric CTR-287 - Made To Measure Curtains

Patterned Fabrics

In addition to coloured fabrics, you could also choose patterned fabrics, which are great for an artistic home because of their intricate designs. Made-to-measure curtains in fabrics such as damask and brocade pair well with homes that have traditional interiors, given the shapes and patterns they have that bring a sense of elegance and style. Having patterned fabrics also brings more personality to your home, especially if you pick ones with patterns that complement the interior of your home. 

Carnival Jungle Theme Pattern Printed Velveteen Black Green Yellow Colour Upholstery Curtains Fabric

Additional Tips

In regards to any additional tips we have, we recommend always mixing the colours and patterns of your made-to-measure curtains with those of your home’s interior in a way that is complementary. We also recommend to choose fabrics that are durable and long-lasting, such as velvet. If you have 3 made-to-measure curtains that you plan on draping over one big window, you might want to consider getting the middle curtain in a different colour to the other two, this will create more depth for the curtains. Feel free to explore the options we offer here at Yorkshire Fabric Shop, where you’re guaranteed to find fabric colours suitable for your curtains. 

Patterned CTR-446 made to measure curtains by Yorkshire Fabric Shop


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