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What are the pros and cons of polyester fabric?

One of the most affordable fabric textiles is polyester and if you are to purchase an item of upholstered furniture then you need to know what are the types and styles to which upholstery is going to work the best in your home. This material is often used alone because of its stable synthetic profile that makes it is useful as an outdoor fabric also.

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When you use it on a sofa the polyester has an easy way to take care while providing you a highly durable comfort experience. Since the material of polyester offers poor resistance to greasy food stains and oil contacts this makes one primary concern that you will review and think of if you will get one.

In this knowledge post, it will help you decide about adding home cosmetics, then these are the pros and cons of a polyester couch that you want to consider:

Polyester based fabrics pattern CTR-889

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Pros Of Polyester Fabric:

A polyester based fabric sofa is at a very affordable price compared to other fibres.

Polyester itself is affordable therefore if you are looking for a durable and affordable sofa, then one made of polyester mixed with the material you can bring home. The durability that extends its use from wear to tear occurs because most of the polyester couches can withstand abrasion and discoloration that maintains its quality and beauty.

Sofas upholstered by modern polyester material are breathable.

Over 30 years, you can sit now in a polyester couch without soaking wet clothes as if it was outside. This issue has gone so far that they make it now more breathable into their furniture to prevent sweat accumulation.


Cons Of Polyestery Fabric:

Polyester couches / sofas are vulnerable to heat.

Since the synthetic fibres of the polyester material don’t have the same heat level of tolerance as natural ones then once the hot substance poured to upholstery, it could singe and burn then melt the materials. Avoiding heat sources to an item of furniture that has polyester just like polyester is the best way you can do.

A static charge to your furniture will soon develop over time.

Polyester is no excuse for having to perpetuate static electricity since it is considered to belong to synthetic upholstery. You can see it once you sit on a couch and move a little, then a charge will build up that leaves a shocking experience. Avoiding conductive items around the couch, will not consider reducing the risks even further.


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Generally, polyester has taken place to debate by considering the positive side of using it in furniture. Considering its affordable price and the good benefits particularly in knowing the strength. Manufacturers easily blend polyester with the other fabrics and help to combine their benefits to those other fabrics. Most of the time they achieved even better products. But knowing that Natural fibres pill just as much as synthetic ones, the latter tend to experience more severe damage over time. So when a fabric is made from long fibres, then it is less likely to experience this issue.

If you are thinking now of purchasing polyester fabrics for your home, check out Yorkshire Fabric Shop fabrics selection and be amazed!


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