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What are the materials used in upholstery?

Upholstery adds beauty and value to your home. If you love reupholstery projects, you should know the tools and materials you need for your precious furniture.

Some of the tools in upholstery are scissors, staplers, and needles. However, the essential part of a reupholstery project is the fabric itself. Choosing the perfect material can be overwhelming. There are different upholstery textiles to choose from. It pays to know your fabric very well. You don’t want to change it soon after you finish your project. Check out the following upholstery fabrics to determine what suits you best.

Leather is a natural material. It is one of the most sought-after fabric for its elegant look. It is very comfortable and easy to clean. Furthermore, leather resists stains and scratches, which makes it perfect for homes with children and pets. The leather becomes softer and comfier over time. Its only downside is the cost. Leather is on the expensive side. But if you prefer superb quality and long usage, leather is for you. Leather is a good investment.

Cotton is a highly breathable material. It keeps your furniture cool and comfortable. Cotton is a natural fabric that resists fading and breaking. Also, it reacts well to colourants. Thus, diverse options are available in the market. If you check out Yorkshire Fabric Shop cotton fabrics, you will find a variety of durable cotton.

Wool is noise and odour absorbent. Hence, if you live in a high traffic area, you should consider wool for your upholstery project. Wool is a comfortable, eco-friendly material. It resists fire, wrinkles, and fading. Just like cotton, wool reacts well to colourants. Wool is somewhat expensive. However, it is long-lasting and very easy to clean, too.

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Polyester is common upholstery fabric. It is soft, durable, and easy to clean. The polyester material is available in various colours and designs. Most people choose dark-coloured polyester because light-coloured ones are prone to staining. Polyester is a comfortable material, good for sofa sets and slipcovers.

Blue Colour Chenille Wool Effect Upholstery Fabric

Chenille is a soft and durable material. It is well-liked for its beautiful drape and shiny finish. Chenille’s smooth texture is perfect for handmade cushions and stunning window covers. Chenille textiles are strong. However, it can shrink or stretch. Therefore, you should learn some easy ways for proper care.

Suede is smooth but durable leather. It has an appealing texture and a sophisticated appearance. Suede textiles are an excellent choice for cozy couches. These fuzzy fabrics are flexible and long-lasting. Just remember to clean them regularly because suede is prone to dust.

Rayon is among the cheapest fabrics. It is a long-lasting and comfortable material. Rayon is made of wood fibres and is highly biodegradable. Rayon imitates the qualities of silk and cotton. Further, it is resistant to moths and mildew. However, rayon easily gets wrinkles and scratches. It is also flammable if not treated. 

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