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What Are The Comfiest Chairs I Can Buy?

Sofas, accent chairs, tub chairs, wing back, club chairs, armchairs, lounge chair, cuddle seats. A chair is never just a chair. There are so many to choose from and if it is comfort that you seek then there are a few things that you need to consider.


What do you consider comfortable

Everyone is different and when seeking comfort we all have a different idea of what this entails. Some want a sofa, thick, voluptuous sofa that you can sink into and relax. Others prefer a good structured seat that is supportive. For some an armchair is the most comfortable, enjoying the fulness of a sofa with the encapsulation arms and privacy of a chair. An upright, high back chair is perfect for those who would like support for their back. Many find a low soft sofa difficult to get up from (not only because it is so comfy you don’t want to). If you feel that way, a higher seat, whether you are looking for a sofa or a chair is the best option.

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Cushion filling

So you have decided what type of chair you're looking for. The next thing to consider is the seat cushions. The filling of your seat cushions is where the comfort lies. 



A foam filling is the firmest. If you like a seat that is supportive and keeps its shape a foam filling will be suitable for you. Foam is great, not only for seat cushions but for seat backs and armrests. Its bounce back ability means that armrests and seat backs will look great. It is perfect for a sleek smooth look.



Fibre can vary its firmness depending upon how it is prepared. Blown fibre is super soft and pocket fibre is more springy. Blown fibre is a great alternative for those who prefer the softness of feathers but suffer from allergies. 



Feather and down filling is the softest filling out there. For those who like to sink into their sofa it is the epitome of luxury. If you don’t mind a bit of cushion plumping you will be rewarded with a gorgeous soft sofa.



Finally the fabric you choose will complete your chair. Some of the most comfortable fabrics for seating are velvet, chenille, a basket weave and the ever popular leather. Soft, supple and cosy your fabric will add a dimension of comfort to whichever seat type you choose. 

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