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What are the best rod blackout curtains?

Every time you relocate or redecorate your home, adding curtains is one of the first things you do. These window treatments provide style and privacy to your home.

Curtains come in different styles that affect their overall appearance. Combined with the right pattern and colour, the curtain style sets the mood and creates a statement about your personality.

While you spend time deciding what curtains to use, you also have to consider picking the proper curtain rods. Selecting the curtain rods requires the same scrutiny you do in choosing curtains.

Curtains rods offer better functionality and appearance. One of their uses is holding the weight of the fabric and volume of the curtain layers in every window.

There are three basic methods of hanging curtains- grommet, back tab, and rod pocket.

We will focus on rod pockets today.

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What is a rod pocket curtain?

The rod pocket curtain is known as a casement curtain or pole top. It’s a traditional way to hang curtains. A casing found on the curtain’s back panel enables the rod to go through without being seen. With this, just a small part of the rod can be seen at both ends when you close the curtain.

Rod pocket curtains are usually used on French doors, and they work well with window coverings that have layers.

To ensure that the curtains are secured, rods slide through the top and bottom panels' casements.

In choosing finials or the rods' end caps, you can choose materials that blend well with the curtain style. Try finials made of crystal, glass, or acrylic.

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Why are blackout curtains important?

Blackout curtains help you have a sound sleep every time, especially if you work at night or a light sleeper. Aside from blocking light, these curtains are also capable of controlling temperature and noise.

Blackout curtains come in different shades. These window coverings are available in white, grey, blue, and other colours.

To experience the best blackout curtain performance, you have to do a proper installation and select the right blackout lining.

For the finest blackout, mount your shades on the outside window’s shape. Add draperies on both sides to stop any light from entering your room.

Remember to measure your window to ensure you’ll get the full benefits of these curtains.

Redecorating your house this Christmas is a fantastic way to experience the season like no other. Since winter is coming in most places, putting blackout curtains can get rid of too much cold. You and your family can feel warm inside your home with the help of blackout curtains.

If you’re looking for blackout curtains, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop is the perfect place to go. Our blackout curtains are created with the best material.

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