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What are the best curtains for my living room?

Your living room is one of the best places to rest other than your bedroom. It's a space where you can cap off the day with your favourite beer or tea, and just enjoy watching your usual TV show to shake the stress away. When your living room is something you always go to inside your homes, it is just about right to get creative with it so you will have the perfect ambiance that you can savour while having a good rest. 

Aside from your ornaments and indoor plants, one way to decorate your homes is through your curtains. These window treatments are not just used to cover unnecessary light and provide good privacy, but also to provide an additional style to the interiors of your homes. Other than this, you can always go with the style that you want as curtains can be interchangeable, and they can be adjusted according to your best preference. You may choose fabrics and go lightweight or go heavy, depending on what you think must be suitable to give you the best function as a window treatment.

living room curtain fabric

If you can't decide what type of curtain fabric to buy, you can start with what look you want to achieve for your interiors. In most cases, homeowners prefer heavy and thick fabrics, whereas other people go for lightweight curtain fabrics to bring out that cozy and easy feeling inside. The look of your curtains must always be in line with the atmosphere of your home, so you can have an improved look for your living room.


Velvet fabrics are way too elegant not to be checked on your long list of fabric preferences. Velvet is highly regarded by many as it is rich-looking and woven thick to provide a compressed and tight look for your window curtains. Velvet fabrics may be expensive, but it is very sellable to homeowners nowadays. People tend to buy it as it has a lot of benefits from insulation, privacy, and sunlight control.

living room curtaining fabric

Because of the thickness of velvet fabrics, it blocks too much heat and humidity from the outside. The piled fabrics act as a protective layer so heat would be diminished down as it passes through each of its fabrics. It is good to be used all year round because it maintains your desired temperature inside. Moreover, velvet fabrics are also able to provide homeowners with full privacy as it is impossible to see through it as well. In another sense, velvet fabrics also block out about 90% of sunlight so homeowners may not be bothered by too many sun rays during hot days. 


Probably the most common type of curtain fabric available in the market today, linen fabrics are not too thick and very much breathable for those who still want a dash of sunlight and air to go inside their homes. It is preferred by many on hot summer days as it lets the fresh breeze of air in for a fresher and more comfortable home. Thus, it is perfect for ventilation.

Even though linen is not so thick, it is highly durable and resistant to heat and humidity. It can even be placed outside your homes and you won't be worried again about your curtain fabrics easily peeling off. Furthermore, one of the things that homeowners look forward to purchasing is that it is somehow lightweight, so installing it would not be as hard as any other heavy fabrics out there. In a creative sense, it also matches almost everything because fabric shops can provide this type of curtain fabric in different colours and designs, so you'll have an endless choice when you want to purchase it. More so, it is also sold at a cheap price that's exactly fit for those on a tight budget.


Cotton is a curtain fabric staple better paired with a mix of other fabrics to achieve a durable and long-lasting curtain for your windows. It's also breathable and cool like linen and is made lightweight for easier installment. Cotton fabrics are plush and smooth so you can feel the caring and soft texture while it waves around your living room during humid days. 

Yet, when choosing cotton curtain fabrics, be sure it is mixed with other synthetic fibres so you can assure that it is strong and firm. Cotton usually withers easily, so better be careful in purchasing from your desired fabric shops.

Damask and Brocade

Just like the strong fabric of velvet, damask and brocade are both classic and fit even for modern interiors. The piled and thick weave of damask and brocade gives it a tight look, while also providing homeowners with a cool and comfortable feel for their living rooms. What sets damask and brocade apart from any other curtain fabrics out there is their ability to enhance and make the fabric's colours look neat and new, to show more elegance and formality for your living rooms. Both were even used in castles before as people often regarded them as high-class and well-designed fabrics. 

ctr210 brocade curtaining fabric


Polyester fabrics have been sellable in the fabric market nowadays. It is durable, sturdy, and most especially affordable. Moreover, it is highly resistant to wrinkling and fading, making it great for first-timers. Polyester is low maintenance and can have different varieties of designs and colours too.

Polyester is not too thick and not too thin. The fabric is very much lightweight and also can cover 50% of sunlight from coming in. If you don't want a fabric that covers natural light fully, might as well try polyester for a simpler window treatment care for your windows.

Finding the best curtains for your living rooms might be a headache. However, you can browse around Yorkshire Fabric Shop's list of curtains to know what is best for your living room windows. You can go along the widest range of curtain fabrics, and be sure that it matches your interiors as well aside from its practical purpose. Remember to always mix and match for a better-looking living room for days.

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