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What are the best curtains for my guest room?

If you love having guests you will know the importance of making them feel at home when they come and stay. Most importantly you will want them to get a great night’s sleep. Curtains for your guest room play an important part in a guest's restful sleep.

Many guest room designs emulate the feel of a luxury hotel. Your guests should have ample space for their things so providing drawers, dressers and storage is a must. A bedside lamp is a nice touch and the bedding of course should be comfortable and inviting. A few finishing touches like pictures, ornaments and flowers will perfect the space.

Blue Fabric Made To Measure Curtains

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The right curtains are one of the most important components. Here are a few things to ensure you find the best curtains for your guest room.


Style and pattern

When decorating your guest room, always start by picking a theme. The rest will follow. Your guest room curtains will complete your chosen look perfectly. A fun, contemporary room will look great with a bright geometric pattern. For a minimal vibe a subtle colour and pattern will work. A country style room calls for some beautiful floral curtains.



Again this will be dictated by the theme of your room. Bold bright colours are fabulous in the right space. Warm colours create a cosy, inviting feel. Calm colours such as pale green and blue promote relaxation. You can choose a colour that contrasts with your wall colour. We love picking out an accent colour for curtains and accessories.


Blackout fabric

Next to the bed, curtains are the most important feature that will help your guests fall into a peaceful slumber. If you want your guests to wake up feeling refreshed you need to invest in blackout curtains. They will not want to be woken up by the morning sun rising and flooding their room with light. One of the main ways to ensure a great night’s sleep is darkness. The opaque weave of blackout fabric doesn’t allow light to penetrate the fabric.


Made to measure curtains

Finally, made to measure curtains are the best option for your guest room. By measuring your curtains accurately you can be certain that your curtains will be the perfect fit. There will be no unsightly gaps for the light to creep in and the curtains you choose will look fabulous. Your guests will want to come and stay time and time again.


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