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What are the advantages of cotton linen blended fibre?

For years, clothing manufacturers discovered the excellent benefits of blended fabrics versus single fabric material. Besides the minimal production costs, it also allows better appearance and strength of the textile while ensuring more comfortable care.

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Here in Yorkshire Fabric Shop, fabric blends are one of the frequently-asked questions by our customers. This guide will discuss the conveniences they can get from the cotton-linen fibre. Also let's check out these two fabrics, in their separate characteristics.

What is Linen? And What is Cotton?

It’s no doubt that linen and cotton are some of the most durable textile materials around. Furthermore, they are both natural fabrics. With these similarities, where do they differ?

Derived from the cotton plant, the cotton is an indispensable fibre since it is composed of varying material lengths. It’s also a soft and fluffy material that is woven to create a durable fabric. Moreover the linen is a solid fabric derived from the flax plant. It’s also a lightweight fabric, making it best in dresses and blouses.

Advantages of Cotton-Linen Blended Fibres

The combination of cotton and linen avoids the disadvantages each of the material has. The softness and smoothness of cotton resolve the roughness and skin friction issues of linen. On the other hand, the lightness of the cotton material is shouldered by the linen's stiffness. These blends and their unusual combination make it a perfect choice for summer clothing.

The following are the things that we can get more from the cotton-linen blended fibres:

1. Cotton-linen fibre is sewn using pure cotton. This makes it not easy to deform, anti-static, and no rolling and edge issues.

2. Since they are natural-based, these fabrics are both environmental-friendly. It didn't use any chemicals or pesticides. It also doesn't contain other ingredients like formaldehyde, azo, and other heavy metal ions. With this, it passes various environmental-related requirements like the European community textile community standards.

3. The cotton-linen blend is air-permeable. It means that it quickly absorbs sweat from the skin, producing a more comfortable and non-sticky feeling for the wearer.

4. Its air-permeability is a breathable textile because of its sweat absorption feature. It's a perfect choice for close fitting use and can be worn any season.

5. The warmth effect of this fabric helps the wearer achieve better sleep quality. As it produces more warmth, it increases the microcirculation flow of the body. It also regulates the nervous system, causing the meridian to dredge and enhances a person's sleep.

6. This fabric is a guaranteed skin-friendly fabric. It is antipruritic or does not cause itchy or irritating issues to the skin. It also has the right pH value intended for the skin. That is why, besides being environmentally-friendly, it passes the individual health requirements.

7. Besides clothing, cotton and linen combinations are also used as bags. Compared to other baggage types, these bags are great for packing electronic devices, jewellery, and even medicinal materials. Its exceptional quality ensures better safety and security of these products.

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As one of the leading fabric stores, we at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop strive to provide the best quality textile materials to our customers. We also never run out of excellent choices and materials that would suit their needs and preferences. So if you're into fabric, come and visit our shop. You can also check our website and see our fabrics and services.


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